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Gene Hackman Fans Slam “Parasite” Tabloids For “Scruffy” Photos of 94-Year-Old Actor

Gene Hackman Fans Slam “Parasite” Tabloids For “Scruffy” Photos of 94-Year-Old Actor


  • Gene Hackman’s fans fiercely defend the beloved 94-year-old actor following negative comments on his appearance in public.
  • Hackman, who retired from acting in 2004, prefers a quiet life away from Hollywood and paparazzi but still faces scrutiny.
  • The media and public should respect celebrities like Hackman who have chosen to step away from the limelight.

Gene Hackman fans have leaped to the defense of the 94-year-old movie icon following the release of footage showing him at a gas station which referred to him as “scruffy.” Hackman’s last appearance on screen was in the 2004 movie Welcome to Mooseport, and he has lived a quiet life, mostly away from the cameras, for the last two decades. However, there have been occasional shots of the actor that have surfaced on social media, and they usually all end up getting the same short shrift from fans.

Welcome to Mooseport

Welcome to Mooseport

Release Date
February 24, 2004

Donald Petrie


Doug Richardson , Tom Schulman

This town isn’t small enough for the both of them.

The online discourse followed an article being shared by the New York Post, which declared that Hackman had been “spotted in new photos wearing nearly identical outfit from weeks earlier.” Although this was later updated to instead say that the Superman star was “spotted on a rare outing 20 years after retirement” that did not stop fans venting their issues with the images and video. One post read:

“Gene Hackman retired from acting in 2004 and has made very few appearances since 2008. And now some f-ckwit videos him as a man in his mid-nineties, going about his day in a track suit, looking a bit dishevelled, and it’s broadcast across the globe. Leave the poor guy alone.”

This was by no means the most aggressive post either, as many agreed that the much-loved actor had made the choice to stay out of the public eye, and anyone with a camera that sees him should respect that. Another user added:

“Leave Gene Hackman alone, you predators. He’s 94 and a bloody living legend, and deserves better than being filmed at a gas station without consent.”

A third slammed the media for publishing such videos and images. They commented:

“Film legend Gene Hackman gets insulted by tabloids for looking “scruffy” in public. As soon as one of them does anything in life that matters they can come back & speak. Tabloids & main stream media are one and the same. All parasites.”

These were joined by many others who condemned the “stalking” of celebrities who have chosen to remove themselves from the public eye, but still find themselves appearing in newspapers with comments about their age or appearance. Some of those can be seen below.

Gene Hackman Left Hollywood with an Amazing Legacy

Mississippi Burning (1988) Gene Hackman
Orion Pictures

While there are some actors who choose to continue working well after many people have retired, Hackman bowed out of the movie industry at the age of 74. As an avid cyclist, the actor previously said that biking is something that gave him the same “freedom and physical challenge” that acting once did, and only a couple of years ago he posed for a photo after picking up his new bike – an image that was certainly received more positively than those latest paparazzi shots.

From the moment he arrived in New York to pursue a career in acting back in the 1950s, Hackman built up a huge legacy over the following five decades. From his first Oscar-nominated role in 1967’s Bonny and Clyde, through his portrayal of Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle in The French Connection and Lex Luthor in Superman in the 1970s, and on to later highly regarded roles in Mississippi Burning, Unforgiven and The Royal Tenenbaums, Hackman knew how to get the most from any performance.


Gene Hackman’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Gene Hackman has had an incredible career, having played some of the most iconic characters in Hollywood’s history.

After more than 80 movie roles, Hackman’s decision to retire came as a shock to many of his fans, but it allowed him to focus on other passions, such as co-authoring several historical novels and finding more time for pastimes like cycling. Having earned his retirement, it is clear that many fans are more interested in seeing him enjoying his life the way he has chosen, rather than seeing candid photos of him getting coffee.

You can stream
The French Connection
, one of Hackman’s highest rated movies, on Max now.

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