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Furiosa Star Anya Taylor-Joy Teases How the Character Loses Her Arm

Furiosa Star Anya Taylor-Joy Teases How the Character Loses Her Arm


  • Anya Taylor-Joy shares insights on the defining moments of Furiosa.
  • Taylor-Joy steps into the role of
    in the
    Mad Max
    prequel, taking over from Charlize Theron.
  • Director George Miller explains choosing Taylor-Joy over Theron for the role, avoiding de-aging technology in the process.

Ahead of the release of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, Anya Taylor-Joy has discussed how the film will handle the titular heroine’s defining injury. George Miller is returning to his post-apocalyptic franchise, this time with a prequel to 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road, telling the origin story of Charlize Theron’s supporting hero. The Queen’s Gambit star, Anya Taylor-Joy is stepping in for Theron in Miller’s prequel film, and has been doing the press rounds promoting how the film will define the character’s journey from a child to the heroine seen in Fury Road.

Anya Taylor-Joy recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her starring role in Furiosa. In the interview, the actress discussed being cast in the role, and divulged how the film handles the character’s two most defining moments: shaving her hair, and losing her arm. Taylor-Joy didn’t give any major details, but she did tease:

“Both were important steps that we had to take if we were going to be able to chart the journey of how this little girl became a character that now we all know and love. It made sense to me because I think what’s incredible about this character is she just refuses to die — really, she refuses. And it made sense to me that she would lose her arm in the pursuit of something that she thought was bigger than herself. That made a lot of sense to me.”

The actress did also delve into the process of expressing her character through limited dialogue. Fans will remember the insane, practical stunts from Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, but may not remember too much dialogue. That is because, as has always been the case with the Mad Max franchise, Miller prefers to let the action and physical performances tell most of the story. Mel Gibson famously only had 16 lines of dialogue in the original Mad Max (1979). Anya Taylor-Joy said the process “was quite frightening,” and went on to say:

“It ended up being something that only gave me, for a large portion of the movie, my eyes to telegraph the story.

Charlize Theron Was Not Asked to Return for Furiosa

mad max 4

Mad Max: Fury Road

Release Date
May 13, 2015


George Miller , Brendan McCarthy , Nick Lathouris , Byron Kennedy

Warner Bros. Pictures

What a Lovely Day.

When Furiosa‘s prequel film was announced in 2019, many fans were expecting Charlize Theron to reprise her role, especially as she has since become synonymous with the character. However, George Miller shocked many when he later announced that Anya Taylor-Joy would be stepping into the titular role. During the same interview, the actress discussed living up to Theron’s performance, and said that she avoided contacting Charlize Theron until after filming had wrapped, declaring, “you have to go on your own journey with it.”


Mad Max Creator Planning Future Sequel, Teases Crowd-Pleasing Cameo in Furiosa

Director George Miller confirms major cameo in Furiosa and reveals plans for another Mad Max movie.

Director George Miller has previously discussed his reason for replacing Theron in the role. Miller said it was nothing personal and that he had considered the actress, but ultimately decided against it because it would require using de-aging technology. Speaking to Empire Magazine, Miller said:

“It definitely would have been Charlize [had Furiosa been filmed before Fury Road]. I began thinking, ‘Oh, maybe we could do de-aging.’ Then I watched really masterful filmmakers like Ang Lee and Martin Scorsese, doing Gemini Man and The Irishman, and I saw that it hadn’t been licked. All you’d be watching is, ‘Look how well the technology works?’ It would not have been persuasive.

George Miller ultimately landed on Anya Taylor-Joy after the actress was recommended to him by Edgar Wright, who had worked with her on his last movie, Last Night in Soho.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga
drives into theaters on May 24, 2024.

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