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Furiosa Director Heaps Praise on Anya Taylor-Joy

Furiosa Director Heaps Praise on Anya Taylor-Joy


  • Anya Taylor-Joy impressed George Miller with her mystical and disciplined performance as Furiosa in the upcoming prequel.
  • Chris Hemsworth brings a new level of darkness and complexity to the role of Warlord Dementus in
    Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga
  • Fans can expect an epic expansion of the
    Mad Max
    universe with a focus on Furiosa’s origin story, set to hit theaters on May 24.

Even though Charlize Theron’s shoes are very difficult to fill and the performance she delivered in Mad Max: Fury Road seems unbeatable, George Miller seems to be pretty confident that Anya Taylor-Joy is up to the task, and will surprise the world in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. Almost 10 years after the release of the last film in the franchise that began in the late 70s with Mel Gibson as the main star, Max Rockatansky’s universe will grow with a new chapter, although this time it will not have him as the center of history. Back in 2015, fans of the saga were amazed by the appearance of another character who stole the show, and she’s about to do it again.

Theron’s Furiosa was the brightest star in that movie, which is still considered one of the best of modern times, which is why the announcement of a new movie focused solely on her was something that was widely celebrated. But the hesitation began when it was revealed that it would be a prequel and that Taylor-Joy would take Oscar winner Charlize Therons’s place as the character. Fortunately, it seems that the young actress has managed to win over the director with her work, and she may also do so with the audience.


Furiosa Director Teases Prequel as a ‘Different Animal’ to Mad Max: Fury Road

Alongside some new images from the prequel, George Miller has teased the epic scope of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

During his presentation at CinemaCon (via THR), Miller spoke about the events that led him to cast Anya as the lead, and the confidence he has in his work:

“Anya is — Edgar Wright showed me Last Night in Soho just before it was released. I saw Anya in that, and I said, ‘She’d be good for’ — and he said, ‘Do it, do it.’ Without me even telling him what it was, he said, ‘Do it. She’s great. She’s great.’ There’s something about her, it’s almost difficult to put it into words. There’s something mystical about her, and yet there’s an accessibility. I learned that she was somebody who is very, very disciplined, and she’s very young. She was a ballet dancer, Charlize was a ballet dancer. I worked on Happy Feet with a lot of brilliant dancers, and I understand the physical discipline, as well as emotional discipline they have. So, all of that led to Anya being Furiosa.”

Chris Hemsworth Adds His Own Style & Ideas to Furiosa

In Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, Anya Taylor-Joy will have to face Hemsworth’s Warlord Dementus, who moves away from the role of hero to deliver a violent villain similar to those the franchise has presented before but with quite a few peculiarities, many of them added by the Marvel Cinematic Universe star himself.

Miller also praised Hemsworth, expressing surprise at the ideas the actor presented to him and his commitment to the story and the character:

“In terms of Chris, I knew the character. I never thought of Chris until we met and we talked. I realized he was somebody with a lot more [ideas] than I initially thought of him…So, I thought, ‘Well, I can’t wait to see [what he does].’ He [resonated] really well with the material, so I thought, ‘Let’s just see what he can do with it.’”

also stars Tom Burke, Lachy Hulme, Nathan Jones, John Howard, Angus Sampson, Charlee Fraser, Quaden Bayles, and Daniel Webber. The movie is set to hit theaters on May 24.

New poster for Furiosa.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Release Date
May 24, 2024

Kennedy Miller Mitchell, Village Roadshow Pictures, Warner Bros.

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