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Fantastic Four Villain Reportedly Confirmed, but New Casting Update is Massive Disappointment

Fantastic Four Villain Reportedly Confirmed, but New Casting Update is Massive Disappointment

Following the Fantastic Four’s Silver Surfer casting, it seems that an expected villain is about to take on the role of main antagonist in 2025.


  • Galactus is set to be the main villain in
    The Fantastic Four
    , but casting news is still up in the air.
  • Javier Bardem was a top choice for Galactus, but it’s unclear if he’s been approached or not.
  • With filming approaching, Marvel Studios needs to find someone to take on this major role soon.

Galactus will be the main antagonist of The Fantastic Four, but fans shouldn’t be holding out for any casting announcement just yet. According to Deadline’s Justin Kroll, who broke the news of Julia Garner’s Silver Surfer casting in next year’s Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, there is no one currently imminent for the role of the latest big bad to enter the fray.

Fantastic Four (2024)

Fantastic Four (2025)

Release Date
July 25, 2025


Marvel Studios


Previously, it was believed that Javier Bardem was Marvel Studios’ top choice for the role of Galactus, but whether he has been officially approached, or turned it down, or is still waiting in the wings to be asked is something that is now unclear.

However, with filming on the movie imminent, the idea that no one seems to be in the frame for one of the biggest roles in the movie is potentially worrying. It looks like Marvel Studios has a race against time for someone to take on the part before filming kicks off later this year.


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