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Fallout Game Director Shares Disappointing View on Future Adaptations After Prime Video Show Success

Fallout Game Director Shares Disappointing View on Future Adaptations After Prime Video Show Success


  • Fallout
    ‘s success has fans eager for more adaptations, but Todd Howard is cautious about
    Elder Scrolls
  • Howard delayed the Fallout

    series for years, following Bethesda’s games philosophy.
  • Fallout
    ‘s exceptional quality was praised for phenomenal performances, sets, and emotionally charged narrative.

Following the tremendous success of Prime Video’s Fallout, fans are desperate for more adaptations of Bethesda Softworks’s critically acclaimed video game franchises. Fallout‘s dramatic ending shows that series creator Jonathan Nolan is keen to continue the story, but fans are also turning their attention to Bethesda’s most famous IP… the Elder Scrolls. However, Fallout‘s games director, Todd Howard, has a cautious update on potential adaptations of the beloved fantasy RPG franchise.

Speaking to IGN about his involvement in Prime Video’s Fallout series, Todd Howard also addressed the chances of an Elder Scrolls adaptation. Howard said that an Elder Scrolls show is something he gets asked about repeatedly, but there are currently no plans to produce one. However, his answer wasn’t a definitive no. But Howard enforced that the idea had to be good enough for them to proceed, as opposed to forcing an adaptation.

“I don’t know. There’s nothing in the works. Everybody asks, like, about Elder Scrolls, and I keep saying no also. And I would approach those – I’ll probably say no. You never know if someone’s gonna click. But I think this really came out of, ‘we think things are aligning to do a high-quality job.’ It wasn’t forced. It was kind of a natural relationship and ‘hey, this sounds really cool.’ As opposed to, ‘we should have a show,’ right? It never came from that.”

Prime Video’s Fallout Took Years to Greenlight

Todd Howard went on to say that his philosophy behind adapting Bethesda’s games into shows delayed a potential Fallout series for decades. “This is something that I said no to for, like, a decade,” Howard said. Bethesda Softworks began working on the Fallout franchise in 2008 with Fallout 3, taking over from Black Isle Studios, who had worked on the first two games. Fallout has since become one of Bethesda’s largest franchises. To date, they have published four major games in the franchise, as well as Fallout Shelter, a free-to-play mobile game.

Everyone wanted to make a (Fallout) TV show or a movie, and I was like, ‘nahhh.’ I wasn’t really feeling it.


The Ending of Fallout, Explained

Fallout season one has finally arrived, and its ending has big implications for not only the series but the entire Fallout video game franchise.

Prime Video’s Fallout series was announced in June 2020, with Westworld creator Jonathan Nolan acting as showrunner and executive producer, alongside his creative partner and wife Lisa Joy. The series released on Prime Video on April 11, a day earlier than its initial release date, and was immediately hailed by fans and critics as the best video game adaptation. The show’s exceptional quality is down to a multitude of factors, including the phenomenal performances, jaw-dropping sets, and an emotionally charged narrative. However, Todd Howard’s patience in waiting for the right idea also has to be praised and attributed to Fallout‘s success.

There is currently no news about Fallout season 2. However, given the show’s tremendous critical reception, fans are hoping a second season will be greenlit soon.

All episodes of
are currently streaming on Prime Video.




Release Date
April 10, 2024


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