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Extraction 3 Gets Major Update, the Russo Brothers Want to Build Their ‘Own Star Wars’

Extraction 3 Gets Major Update, the Russo Brothers Want to Build Their 'Own Star Wars'


  • Extraction 3
    in the works with Chris Hemsworth’s availability being the only hurdle for the anticipated action sequel.
  • Russo Brothers aim to create their “own
    Star Wars
    ” through original storytelling and new ideas post-Marvel success.
  • Extraction
    franchise, starring Hemsworth, praised for its old-school action thrills, hinting at upcoming expanded universe.

Director, writer, and producer Joe Russo has offered a promising update on the development of the Netflix action sequel Extraction 3. During an appearance at the Sands: International Film Festival in St Andrews, Scotland, GamesRadar+ asked Russo how the threequel is going, with the filmmaker revealing that they are now waiting for star Chris Hemsworth to be available.

“Yeah, we’re developing it at the moment, figuring out Chris’s schedule. Sam Hargrave is back directing. It’s an interesting franchise because he’s a very emotionally wounded character, so there’s good storytelling there I think in respect to his backstory, and, you know, his relationship to violence is one that’s built around self-loathing and guilt. And so, it adds a lot of texture I think, which allows us to tell more stories about him.”

Extraction 3 was officially announced at last year’s Netflix Tudum festival, and while plot details remain under wraps, we can no doubt safely assume that it will involve Hemsworth’s heroic mercenary Tyler Rake rescuing another poor soul from an impossible situation.

While the production team frantically try to find time in Hemsworth’s busy diary, the MCU star has previously declared his excitement about a return to the explosive world of Extraction.

“I love it. I love playing the character. I love this world. I love having something else outside of Marvel that’s amassed a bit of a following, something more in the real world. I honestly feel like we made a better film than the first one. That’s rare in the franchise world. We’d be remiss not to have a crack at another one.”

The Russo Brothers Want to Build Their Own Star Wars

Extraction 2

Extraction 2

Release Date
June 16, 2023

AGBO, Filmhaus Films, Netflix

Prepare for the ride of your life.

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Following their box-office triumph in the MCU, the Russo Brothers are looking to launch their own major franchises with the likes of Extraction and The Gray Man, with the pair aiming to build their “own Star Wars,” as Joe puts it.

“The intention is that we want to build our own Star Wars. For us, it’s all about the focus on original storytelling and new ideas. If anything, there’s been too much. I mean, I think you could argue we’re in a rut of repetitive storytelling and potential franchise abuse. So, at a certain point, I think the audience is craving new ideas and new stories. And that’s where all of our focus is going post-Marvel – asking ‘what are those new stories?’ Barbie and Oppenheimer showed the appetite out there – audiences want something different.”

Anthony Russo agrees, emphasizing their dedication to “original stories.”

“We have really focused on a lot of original stories that we’ve been developing over the past several years with writers [Christopher] Markus and [Stephen] McFeely, and our wider group of collaborators at AGBO. So, we are very excited over the next several years to start to be able to execute things like The Electric State. We’ve made a big focus to shift into generating our own material. ”


Why the Extraction Franchise Isn’t the Next John Wick

Netflix has attempted to emulate the success of John Wick with the Extraction franchise from director Sam Hargrave, which stars Chris Hemsworth.

The first Extraction landed on Netflix back in 2020, and introduces Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a black ops mercenary with nothing to lose. Directed by Sam Hargrave, Extraction sees Hemsworth’s action hero tasked with saving an Indian drug lord’s kidnapped son, with last year’s sequel, Extraction 2, finding Rake rescuing the family of an abusive crime lord from a prison in Georgia.

Both movies have been met with positive reviews from critics and audiences alike thanks to their commitment to old-school action thrills, with Netflix and the Russo Brothers now hoping to launch an expanded franchise.

Extraction 2
are available to stream on Netflix.

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