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Every TV Show Coming to Paramount+ in May 2024

Every TV Show Coming to Paramount+ in May 2024

With original series such as Star Trek: Discovery, Mayor of Kingstown, 1883, and Knuckles under its belt, Paramount+ continues to earn its place in the world of streaming services. With a growing library of films and television shows, the platform continues to carve out its own space with viewers thanks to its regular monthly offerings. That being said, the options scheduled to hit the platform in the coming weeks are most definitely worth watching.

Throughout May, many well-loved shows return with new episodes for both children and adults, although most shows headed to the platform in the coming weeks will be geared toward the older crowd. A horror series returns for its final season, a beloved drama gears up for an astonishing seventh season, and a nostalgic docuseries is back with a slew of new stories to tell. Regardless of their preference, viewers will find a show they’ll love on Paramount+ in May 2024.

PAW Patrol (Season 9)

Stream on May 1

PAW Patrol is a wildly popular animated children’s series that has spawned a slew of spin-offs as well as numerous films. The series follows a young boy named Ryder (Kai Harris) who leads a group of search and rescue pups that refer to themselves as the PAW (Pups at Work) Patrol. Comprised of six different dogs named Chase (Luke Dietz), Marshall (Christian Corrao), Skye (Lilly Noelle Bartlam), Rocky (Jackson Reid), and Rubble (Lucien Duncan-Reid), the group works together by using their unique individual skills in order to protect their community of Adventure Bay.


Exclusive | PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie Director and Producer Discuss Pups with Superpowers

Director Cal Brunker and producer Laura Clunie discuss how PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie is a preschooler friendly superhero film.

While the series is arguably one of the most popular shows for children, PAW Patrol isn’t necessarily the kind of show parents will want to watch alongside their kids. Unfortunately, not every series can be adored by both children and adults in the way Bluey can. Nevertheless, the pups of the PAW Patrol are especially entertaining for children, which should most definitely make parents happy. With its positive and inclusive message of teamwork, the show has understandably amassed quite a fanbase. Paw Patrol Season 9 is streaming on Paramount+ on May 1.


Behind the Music

Stream on May 1

A Paramount+ original, Behind the Music is a documentary series that offers viewers a look behind the scenes of various musicians. Initially airing on VH1 from the late 1990s until the mid-2010s, the newest iteration of the series provides its audience with the same kind of glimpse into the careers of well-established artists. It examines the inception of a particular artist’s career, their path to success, and the inevitable struggles they faced, and continue to encounter, along the way. Comprised of interviews with the musicians themselves, the show also collects first-hand accounts from their loved ones.

Previous seasons of the series explored artists like Jennifer Lopez, Bob Marley, Pink, Boyz II Men, George Michael, and Shania Twain. As the show returns with its third season, artists such as Wolfgang Van Halen, Bell Biv DeVoe, 50 Cent, Sinead O’Connor, and Trace Adkins will be featured and discussed. However, it should be noted that while some episodes are completely new, others are remastered episodes from the show’s previous iteration that have been updated for current viewers. Behind the Music is streaming on Paramount+ on May 1.

Behind the Music

Behind the Music

Release Date
August 24, 1997


Streaming Service(s)

The Chi (Season 6 Part 2)

Stream on May 10

Created by Lena Waithe, The Chi is an award-winning drama series about a neighborhood and its people on the South Side of Chicago. The show focuses on a particular group of residents named Emmett (Jacob Latimore), Brandon (Jason Mitchell), Ronnie (Ntare Mwine), and Kevin (Alex R. Hibbert), who inevitably become linked by a moment of coincidence. However, that instance subsequently bonds them after they realize their need for connection as well as redemption.


11 All-Time Classics Filmed in Chicago

Chicago’s landscape and rich diversity has helped produce a lot of next level films.

Returning for Part 2 of Season 6, The Chi has been lauded by critics and audiences alike. Compared to other series like HBO’s The Wire, the show portrays the complexities of living in Chicago while captivating viewers with its plethora of compelling characters. An apt coming-of-age story for the here and now, the series showcases a community that is often times overlooked far too frequently. The Chi Season 6 continues on Paramount+ on May 10.

The Chi poster

The Chi

Release Date
January 7, 2018

Jason Mitchell , Jacob Latimore , Alex R. Hibbert , Tiffany Boone , Yolonda Ross , Armando Riesco , Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine



Streaming Service(s)

Evil (Season 4)

Stream on May 22

Evil is a supernatural drama that follows three individuals hired by the Catholic Church to investigate supposed supernatural phenomena. Along with Catholic priest in training David Acosta (Mike Colter), skeptics Dr. Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers), a forensic psychologist, and Ben Shakir (Aasif Mandvi), a technology contractor, explore demonic possessions and other extraordinary events to determine if there’s a scientific explanation. However, all signs point to something more sinister. As an atheist, Kristen’s beliefs in science and fact continue to be tested as she encounters events she’s unable to explain.

As the group continues to explain what’s happening, they soon realize how intertwined their personal lives are with the events they’re investigating and the people behind the incidents, such as a rival forensic psychologist seemingly obsessed with Kristen’s family. After Season 3 ended on quite a cliffhanger, the series returns for its fourth and final season and will undoubtedly continue to explore the origins of evil and the dividing line between religion and science. Evil Season 4 is streaming on Paramount+ on May 22.



Release Date


For a complete list of every TV series coming to Paramount+, check the list below.

May 1

  • PAW Patrol (Season 9)
  • The Mightiest (Season 1)
  • Behind the Music (Season)

May 8

  • Teen Mom: The Next Chapter (Season 1)

May 10

May 14

  • Pillowcase Murders (Limited Series)

May 15

  • Love & Hip Hop: Miami (Season 5)

May 17

  • RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (Season 9)
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Untucked (Season 6)

May 21

  • LOLLA: The Story of Lollapalooza (Limited Series)

May 22

  • Aerial Adventures (Season 1)

May 23

May 29

  • CMT Giants (2022)
  • CMT Storytellers (Seasons 1-2)
  • CMT Summer Camp Seasons (2022-2023)
  • CMT Summer Sessions (Season 2)

May 30

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