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Euphoria Season 3 Star Eric Dane Gives Optimistic Update for the Series

Euphoria Season 3 Star Eric Dane Gives Optimistic Update for the Series


  • Eric Dane remains optimistic about the
    Season 3’s future, highlighting its strong following and exceptional quality.
  • Production delays push
    Season 3 to 2025, disappoints fans eagerly awaiting the return of the hit show.
  • Team losses and script rewrites due to unexpected events further complicate the timeline for the highly anticipated next season.

Euphoria star Eric Dane, known for his role as Cal Jacobs on the HBO drama, recently shed light on the status of the much-awaited third season. Fans can finally look forward to a potential return of the beloved series, albeit a bit later than anticipated.

Euphoria, created by Sam Levinson, burst onto the television scene in 2019. The series quickly appealed to viewers with its raw and often gritty depiction of high school students grappling with issues of love, sex, drugs, and violence. With a cast led by Zendaya and featuring talents like Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, and Sydney Sweeney, the show has garnered a strong following and critical acclaim, culminating in a gripping second season aired in 2022.

In a conversation on Today With Hoda & Jenna, Dane conveyed a hopeful message regarding the future of the show, despite a shift in the production timeline. The actor said:

We pushed off of 2024, so we’re looking at 2025. I’m optimistic that it’s going to come back. There’s a real appetite for that show out there, and it’s just too good to let go of.



Release Date
June 16, 2019


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Fans of the show have been left waiting as the production of season three faced delays. Dane’s latest comments suggest that while the original plans for a 2024 production start have been postponed, there is now an aim to begin in 2025. He expressed a strong belief in the series’ return, stressing the significant demand and the quality of the show that makes it worth continuing.

Euphoria Season 3 Delayed by Script Rewrites and Losses Within the Team

The eagerly awaited Euphoria Season 3 has hit a series of unforeseen delays, leading to a rescheduling that stretches further into the future than fans might have hoped. Since its debut, Euphoria has drawn significant attention for its intense storytelling and visual execution, with audiences praising its bold story and the depth of its character portrayals.

Sam Levinson’s creation has successfully captured the complexities of teenage life, amplified by stellar performances and a cinematic quality that sets the series apart. Yet, despite the anticipation following a compelling season two finale, the production for the next chapter remains on hold.

Originally slated to begin this year, the delay in the production of season three was first announced in March, hinting at a need for further development time for Levinson to refine the scripts. This was coupled with news that cast members were released to explore other opportunities through the end of 2024, indicating a significant pushback in the timeline. This development suggested that the delay might extend for a considerable period, much to the disappointment of its ardent viewers.


Zendaya on Euphoria’s Season 3 Fate: “It’s Beyond Me”

Zendaya, who stars in and serves as an executive producer for Euphoria, says she “is not in charge” of whether the series will return.

Adding to these challenges, the show has faced profound setbacks due to personal losses within its team. The unexpected passing of Angus Cloud last summer necessitated major script rewrites, as his character, Fezco, was integral to the planned storyline for the upcoming season.

Additionally, star Zendaya has reportedly expressed concerns over the creative direction of her character, Rue, seeking a narrative that remains true to the complex nature previously established. The production faced another blow with the death of producer Kevin Turen in November, further affecting the show’s progress.

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