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Emily Blunt Confesses Kissing Some of Hollywood’s Leading Men has Made Her Feel Sick

Emily Blunt Confesses Kissing Some of Hollywood's Leading Men has Made Her Feel Sick


  • Emily Blunt opened up about not always enjoying kissing her co-stars in recent interview with Howard Stern.
  • Blunt shared that she finds something she loves about every person to help chemistry on screen.
  • Chemistry between characters on screen can be manufactured, according to Blunt, who feels lucky to have Ryan Gosling as a co-star.

Emily Blunt lived up to her name when sharing her thoughts on what it is like to kiss some of the biggest leading men in the world of cinema. During an interview with Howard Stern, the actress revealed in no uncertain terms that there were times that lip-locking with some of her co-stars had left her feeling a little queasy.

Blunt is currently starring with Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy, but has also appeared in some of the biggest movies of the last several years, and shared screen time with the biggest stars in the business. This has included John Krasinski, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, and Tom Cruise. Although she has not been required to always get up close with her leading men, it seems that on the occasions it has happened, it was not always the glorious experience it is made out to be on-screen. Responding to Stern’s question of whether she had ever wanted to throw-up after kissing one of her co-stars, Blunt said:

Absolutely, absolutely…I wouldn’t say it’s extreme loathing, but I’ve definitely not enjoyed some of it.

The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy


The Fall Guy is an action thriller from Bullet Train and Deadpool 2 director David Leitch. Ryan Gosling stars as a stuntman who is forced to find a missing movie star, investigate a conspiracy, and repair his relationship with the love of his life. The film was written by Drew Pearce and inspired by the 1980s TV series of the same name.

Release Date
May 3, 2024

1hr 54min

87North, Arcana, Entertainment 360

She continued to explain how she goes about finding something about a person that makes her love them in some way to help things along. She added:

“I think my feeling is I’ve got to find something I love about everybody. I have to find something – even if it’s one thing. It might be like they have a nice laugh or I like how they speak to people, they’re polite. I mean, it might be something random. But find something you love about that person or something you love about them as the character and then kind of lean into that.”

Emily Blunt Says Chemistry on Screen is Easily Manufactured

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in The Fall Guy
Universal Pictures

Over the years, there have been several stories of actors who appear to be close and intimate on screen and have absolutely detested each other when the cameras stop rolling. For Blunt, there is a lot that can be manufactured when it comes to the chemistry between characters, especially when you have been around for a while. She said:

“I’ve been doing this long enough. I could have chemistry with this water bottle at this point. You know how to conjure it. But it’s just easier when you have a natural rapport with someone.”

When it comes to her latest co-star in Ryan Gosling, The Fall Guy star dispelled any fears that he is someone on the bad list when it comes to her connection with him. While their partnership seems to be one that is winning over audiences, Blunt suggested that he is one the people who she finds it very easy to get along with. She concluded:

“I feel like I’m very lucky to be friends with a gem of a person like him.”


Best Emily Blunt Movies, Ranked

Emily Blunt is a familiar face in Hollywood, and she has impressed fans with stellar performances in movies like A Quiet Place and Oppenheimer.

During the interview, the actress also touched on the subject of unnecessary sex scenes in movies, and used her 2011 movie Salmon Fishing in The Yemen as an example of how she prefers “slow-burn” love stories over the shedding of clothes.

“What I loved about [slow burning romance with Ewan McGregor in 2011’s Salmon Fishing In The Yemen] was that it felt like it was from a different era. So many films these days have people ripping clothes off each other. The film had decorum. It was a slow-burning romance. The main draw for me was the dynamic between the two characters.”

The Fall Guy is currently sitting at the top of the box office chart, but did so with just a $28 million debut. Although there is a long way for the movie to run, it does not paint a rosy picture for the potential sequel, which it was reported already has a script written.

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