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Dwayne Johnson Was Allegedly 7-8 Hours Late to Set Constantly While Making Red One

Dwayne Johnson Was Allegedly 7-8 Hours Late to Set Constantly While Making Red One


  • Dwayne Johnson’s alleged tardiness contributed to
    Red One
    ‘s budget exceeding $250 million, causing production delays and adjustments, according to insiders.
  • Johnson’s partner Hiram Garcia faced criticism for inexperience, despite Amazon MGM and Seven Bucks defending his producing qualifications.
  • Amazon MGM executives’ lack of experience with big-budget projects is said to have caused production issues and release date changes for Red One. Amazon MGM deny these reports from TheWrap.

Ballooning budgets are no surprise for big Hollywood tentpoles, but the reasons behind the escalating production costs can provide interesting tidbits of information. For someone like Dwayne Johnson, who has maintained a reputation that embodies a glowing work ethic, one would think that things run smoothly on a set that he’s working on. But according to a new report, the actor may have allegedly been the reason that his upcoming Christmas film, Red One, has exceeded its initial budget.

According to a report from The Wrap, which cites various sources that worked on the Amazon MGM Christmas movie, Red One, the film was reportedly delayed from debuting during the Christmas season of 2023 due to the WGA and SAG strikes, but these sources point to more specific matters that caused the film to shift its release date to November of this year. According to the report, Johnson allegedly showed up seven to eight hours late to set on a chronic basis, which caused the crew to have to shoot around him on certain days.

Dwayne Johnson’s Alleged Tardiness Increased the Film’s Budget

Red One

Red One

Release Date
November 15, 2024

Johnson’s tardiness has been reported in the past, with the actor allegedly being late to fan events or making people wait on set until he finished an extensive workout. According to an insider on Red One, “The only thing Dwayne was consistent at was being chronically late,” and it was something that cost the production a lot of money. Since he was allegedly seven to eight hours late per day, which caused him to miss entire days of production, it amped up the budget by $50 million.

In response to the claims, a couple of sources close to the production and Johnson’s Seven Bucks production banner stated that the actor averaged no more than one hour late to set on the film. Amazon MGM also claims that the project’s budget didn’t veer too far off from the $250 million it was greenlit for. Per the source from Amazon, “It is completely normal for there to be budget fluctuations within 15% of the target, which is exactly what we experienced.”


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Johnson also allegedly caused production delays twice due to his commitments to his NBC series Young Rock, his relaunching of the XFL, and for his press tour to promote Black Adam. Shooting on Red One ran for a week in August 2022 before having to stop due to the actor’s prior engagements and didn’t resume again until November 2022.

Dwayne Johnson’s Producing Partner Gets Criticized

Another reported cause of the issues was Johnson’s producing partner Hiram Garcia, the brother of Johnson’s ex-wife and business partner Dany Garcia. Sources say that a perceived lack of proper experience is evident, given the fact that he began his career as the actor’s personal assistant on 2002’s The Scorpion King. As one source put it, “Hiram still has no idea how to produce. The only thing he has ever known is how to work for Dwayne. Any time he’s been in a situation where his responsibilities have expanded beyond DJ, he has crumbled.”

An Amazon MGM studios spokesperson hit back on the claims that Garcia was inexperienced and went on to say, “Hiram Garcia, who conceived the original idea for this film, is an incredibly talented, diligent, and responsive producer who brought a wealth of experience to our production.” Seven Bucks also pointed out that Garcia was a PGA-credited producer with 14 years of experience producing movies, which makes him more than qualified. That being said, most of his producing credits have all been on films starring Johnson, save 2019’s Shazam!

The inexperience of some of Amazon MGM’s top executives has also been an alleged reason for Red One‘s production problems and release date changes. The project was originally planned as a streaming release and that ultimately shifted. According to sources, Amazon MGM executives weren’t prepared for the scope of the project and were used to working on smaller films. One insider said of Amazon MGM’s Head of Physical Production, Glenn Gainor, “He comes from the low-budget, Sony background, who dealt with $15 million movies, $20 million max, then suddenly had to deal with a $200 million movie.”

For Amazon MGM’s part, they deny any on-set issues with Red One and maintain that there were no delays due to Johnson’s tardiness or the inexperience of the producers working for Seven Bucks.

Dwayne Johnson and Seven Bucks have been incredible partners on Red One
, a film that audiences of all ages are going to love this holiday season. Our testing has been very strong, the reaction from CinemaCon speaks for itself, and we couldn’t have made it without Dwayne’s constant work and support. Any reporting that implies that we got to this point with him showing up seven-eight hours late to set is both ridiculous and false.”

Directed by Jake Kasdan and written by Chris Morgan, Red One also stars Chris Evans, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Liu, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, J.K. Simmons, Nick Kroll, and Kristofer Hivju. In the film, when a villain kidnaps Santa Claus from the North Pole, an E.L.F. (Extremely Large and Formidable) operative joins forces with an expert tracker to find Saint Nick and save Christmas. Based on an original idea by Garcia, the film is being seen as the first in a potential franchise.

Red One
is scheduled for release on Nov. 15, 2024.

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