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Dwayne Johnson ‘Brings Maui Back to Life,’ Shares Moana 2 BTS Photo

Dwayne Johnson 'Brings Maui Back to Life,' Shares Moana 2 BTS Photo


  • Dwayne Johnson shared behind-the-scenes photos of recording for
    Moana 2
    , honoring his grandfather in the process.
  • Johnson expressed pride in portraying Maui, celebrating Polynesian culture and the impact of the character.
  • He will voice Maui in
    Moana 2
    and play the demigod in the live-action remake, set to begin filming in 2024.

Dwayne Johnson is stepping back into the recording studio—and back into the shoes of Maui, the fun and bulky demigod from the animated hit Moana. Johnson shared images offering a peak behind the scenes on his latest voice acting venture.

In a recent post on social media platform X, Johnson revealed three behind-the-scenes photos taken at Walt Disney Animation Studios. The images showcased him in the midst of recording dialogue for Moana 2, injecting life once more into the charismatic character that has become synonymous with his voice. Among the photos was a touching tribute to his grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia, whose spirit and legacy heavily inspired Maui’s character.

In his post, he expressed immense pride in portraying Maui, a character that has brought joy to millions and celebrated Polynesian culture. Johnson said:

“Bringing MAUI back to life for MOANA 2!
So much fun becoming MAUI again – a character that changed my life in many ways – including the character of MAUI being inspired by my late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia.
The Polynesian cultural significance of the role and our story has touched families around the world and has easily become one of my truest honors to bring to life and share. New characters, new journeys, new music. Excited for you and your families around the world to join us on this journey. You will feel the mana.”

Earlier this year, Auliʻi Cravalho expressed her excitement towards Moana’s expanding universe, as well as what the character stands for. The actor said:

“It feels like the ‘Moana’ universe is expanding and I love that.
I love that Moana is a hero to all. It changed what it meant to be a Disney princess. You can be strong and brave and stand up against a demigod.
It feels really good that more and more generations are going to be able to relate to this character.”

Dwayne Johnson’s Double Duty for Maui in Moana 2 & Live-Action Remake

Johnson will not only return as Maui’s voice in the anticipated sequel, Moana 2, he is also preparing to portray Maui in the live-action adaptation of the original animated movie. The actor also teased the Moana actor for the live-action adaptation. Johnson said:

One of the exciting things about that was actually finding our Moana and how exciting that has been.
The global search to find our Moana — which — between you and I, we found her — not gonna tell you yet . [It’s] very exciting.”

Disney has announced that the live-action Moana project, initially slated for a June 2025 release, will now premiere in July 2026. This shift is largely due to the prioritization of Moana 2, focusing the studio’s commitment to building on the animated series before transitioning to its live-action reimagination. Johnson revealed that filming for the live-action version is expected to commence later in 2024.


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Moana, which debuted in 2016, captured viewers worldwide with its vibrant story and rich exploration of ancient Polynesian culture. Featuring a strong cast including Auliʻi Cravalho as Moana and notable performances by Rachel House, Temuera Morrison, and others, the film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $687 million globally and securing multiple Academy Award nominations.

Moana 2
is set to premiere on November 27, 2024.

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