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Dracula’s Daughter Could Become a Horror Icon in Abigail

Dracula's Daughter Could Become a Horror Icon in Abigail


  • Abigail is Dracula’s daughter and a formidable vampire villain who toys with victims before turning them into a bloody feast.
  • Abigail
    features a talented cast, including the late Angus Cloud, and promises brutal kills and a thrilling soundtrack.
  • With a sadistic personality and a ballerina vampire persona, Abigail is set to become the next great horror icon in theaters soon.

Vampires have made for timeless villains and an immensely popular subgenre of horror for centuries now. As the undisputed GOAT of bloodsuckers and the most iconic among them, Dracula has long been a staple of vampire lore, appearing in everything from films to books and even video games. Originally created by Bram Stoker for the eponymous novel he wrote about the character, Dracula has since had a variety of other incarnations. His many other iterations have seen him be everything from virtually unkillable, a ruthless and vicious killer himself, a heartbroken victim in his own right, and even a father, too.

The 1936 classic from the Universal Horror franchise initially sparked the idea of Dracula as a girl-dad in Dracula’s Daughter. While she was known as Countess Marya Zaleska in that film, the upcoming soft reboot will see the character now known as the eponymous character in Abigail. The film is highly anticipated among horror lovers, who already see early signs that it has the potential to make Abigail the new star of horror villains.

While audiences won’t yet be familiar with this version of the character, the trailers for the film alone have already provided some tantalizing glimpses into what a handful she’s going to be to deal with. While it’s hard to tell if the film will do well, there are plenty of signs that it could be a commercial hit. With its worldwide release scheduled for Apr. 7 at the Overlook Film Festival and a theatrical run through Universal Pictures scheduled for Apr. 19, the world of horror is gearing up to welcome its newest member. As we count down to her debut, here’s a look at why Dracula’s daughter could become the next great horror icon after Abigail hits theaters.



Release Date
April 19, 2024

Main Genre

Plenty of Blood and Gore That Packs a Punch in Abigail

The premise of Abigail initially follows what seems to be an eclectic group of criminals ​​​​​​who kidnap the young daughter of a mysterious underworld figure. They need to hold her until the $50 million ransom demanded from her wealthy father​ is paid. All that stands between them and the score of a lifetime is watching over Abigail until they get their money—or so they think.


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It turns out the sweet, innocent child they think they have is really a vampire, and dance around it all you want, is the daughter of the most notorious one in history. Realizing they’re trapped with their ‘victim’ now, their time with Abigail becomes a fight for survival instead, as the petite killer turns their party into a bloodbath. Far from a helpless child, Abigail is actually their worst nightmare and takes glee at playing with her food as she stalks, hunts, maims, drains, and kills them one by one.

A Sadistic Character in Abigail

Most iconic horror villains, such as legendary slashers like Michael Myers, all exhibit varying degrees of ruthlessness, which makes them formidable foes. However, many others, from the likes of Pennywise to Art the Clown, have an even darker trait that arguably makes them more dangerous. That trait is sadism and the glee they derive from killing and torturing their victims — a trait Abigail already seems to have in oodles since she toys with her victims and taunts and mocks them before ultimately killing them in a variety of twisted and violent ways.

Aside from the intrigue and inherent appeal of the plot, the film is backed by Universal Pictures. This means audiences can naturally expect the movie to be kitted out with tons of great special effects and cool features that make it as entertaining as possible, from creative brutal kills to a wicked score by Bryan Taylor, who boasts the likes of seven of the Fast & Furious movies, to Iron Man 3, and Avengers: Age of Ultron to his name.

Abigail Features a Great Cast With Plenty of Victims

Abigail features a cast that includes Melissa Barrera, Dan Stevens, Kathryn Newton, Kevin Durand, Matthew Goode, and the highly popular Giancarlo Esposito. On a sentimental note, it also features Angus Cloud, the popular young actor from Euphoria who tragically passed away last year. Abigail was his last film appearance, having completed filming before his untimely death in July 2023.

The cast already makes for a great mix of established and up-and-coming stars to make up its core—all that, without even mentioning its star attraction yet. Playing Abigail herself, Alisha Weir is a highly talented child actor and singer who has some great performances to her name, which include on-stage productions of The Wizard of Oz and Annie. With plenty of talent, Weiss already seems set to bring a great air of dark humor and a devilishly sadistic personality to the role of Abigail. As for the ensemble nature of the rest of the cast, they all add up to a plethora of victims for her to terrorize in the film.



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Abigail Is a Horror Nepo Baby of Note

Abigail possesses all the traits necessary to make a delightfully cold-blooded horror villain with what seems like an insatiable appetite. As a vampire movie, Abigail promises a film drenched in blood and a monstrous, bloodsucking little assassin at the center of it all. Showing that she’s more than capable of shredding her way through an entire movie full of victims is already appealing enough for horror fans. However, the fact that she’s the daughter of one of the greatest horror icons of all time makes her a horror nepo baby of note — one who looks set to bite and rip her way to becoming a horror icon herself.

Dracula himself has never stopped intriguing people since many believe him to be based on a real person, as History Extra explains:

Along with the legend of his seemingly pathological cruelty, Vlad is now remembered as the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel
, which was first published 125 years ago in 1897. Behind this thumbnail sketch, however, there is a host of gruesome facts about Vlad the Impaler that are often stranger than the wildest Gothic fiction.

The fact that Abigail is Dracula’s daughter already makes her awesome enough. However, what makes her seem like a star in her own right is the fact that she has distinctive quirks and traits that hint at a callous personality, where no quarter will ever be given to anyone who crosses her path.

On another note, horror fans can often immediately tell when a new film will be good or not. Just as M3GAN’s glorious dance was a stroke of genius that gave her trailer plenty of reel-worthy reasons to go viral, Abigail’s entire spiel is heightened by the fact that she’s been given the added persona of being a “ballerina vampire.”

As cute and helpless as she appears at first, this little ballerina only seems interested in adorably cute tutus and impish dancing — that is, until she rips open your throat out and feeds on you like the inhuman daughter of a legendary monster she is. Time will tell if Abigail lives up to all the hype or not. However, for now, the bells of the next great horror icon already appear to be ringing incessantly. Abigail is in theaters on Apr. 19.

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