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David Dastmalchian’s Late Night With The Devil Shatters Streaming Records

David Dastmalchian's Late Night With The Devil Shatters Streaming Records


  • Late Night With The Devil
    broke records on Shudder with its eerie 1970s horror narrative.
  • Great reviews, including from Stephen King, led the film to both critical acclaim and commercial success.
  • Despite a modest budget and emerging cast, the movie surpassed box office expectations and earned $11.1 million globally.

Late Night With The Devil has broken streaming records on Shudder. The film achieved the largest opening weekend in Shudder’s history, after its release on the streaming service on April 19.Late Night With The Devil not only topped the viewership charts on Shudder but also on AMC+. The horror film also outperformed previous record holders such as Demián Rugna’s When Evil Lurks and the anthology V/H/S/99.

Late Night with the Devil

Late Night With the Devil


Release Date
March 22, 2024

Cameron Cairnes , Colin Cairnes

86 Minutes

Colin Cairnes , Cameron Cairnes

Future Pictures, Good Fiend Films, Image Nation

A 1970s late night talk show goes to hell in this fiendish horror-thriller.

Late Night With The Devil is the creation of Colin and Cameron Cairnes. It is an eerie tale that revolves around a 1977 live TV broadcast that goes horrifically awry. A late night show host, in an attempt to spike his ratings, unwittingly invites a malevolent presence into the homes of his viewers, setting the stage for a chilling narrative.

The film’s unique premise and execution have captured the attention of both viewers and critics. Late Night With The Devil enjoyed great reception prior to its theatrical outing, garnering positive reviews and earning accolades from high-profile critics, including a notable nod from author Stephen King. These endorsements helped propel the film to commercial viability, which carried over to its digital release.

Late Night With The Devil Surpasses All Expectations

The unexpected success of Late Night With The Devil has shattered expectations and records, emerging as a critical darling and a commercial blockbuster. This horror movie was produced on a modest budget and featured a cast of largely emerging talents.

David Dastmalchian, who plays the lead, is perhaps better known for his roles in ensemble genre films rather than as a marquee star. Yet, in Late Night With The Devil, his performance has been a crucial element of its success. His portrayal adds a layer of credibility to the film, drawing audiences into its chilling story.

Critical acclaim has played a crucial role in the movie’s rapid ascent. Notably, Stephen King, whose own works like Carrie and The Shining have set high bars in the horror genre, offered early praise for the film. King’s endorsement on social media, where he described the movie as “absolutely brilliant,” significantly amplified interest ahead of its wider release. This endorsement was complemented by a stellar 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, positioning Late Night With The Devil as one of the standout horror entries of the year.


Late Night with the Devil Review: David Dastmalchian Shines in Creepy Possession Flick

The crew of a late night talk show get more than they bargained for in an attempt to boost their ratings on Halloween night.

The combination of strategic casting, influential endorsements, and strong critical reception helped propel the film to unprecedented heights for its distributor, IFC Films. At the box office, it garnered $2.8 million in its opening weekend alone, setting a new record for IFC and surpassing the previous holder, Watcher, by a substantial margin. The film’s global earnings eventually soared to $11.1 million, marking it as a significant achievement in IFC’s distribution history.

Late Night With The Devil shows how well-executed film projects can exceed expectations and achieve notable success, even without the traditional blockbuster budget or a star-studded cast.

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