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Danny DeVito Confirms He Will Be Working With Arnold Schwarzenegger on a New Movie

Danny DeVito Confirms He Will Be Working With Arnold Schwarzenegger on a New Movie


  • Oscars reunion reignites calls for another DeVito-Schwarzenegger movie, a new project is in the works.
  • DeVito confirms his collaboration with Schwarzenegger, and hints at a future movie together in a recent CNN interview.
  • A previously teased Twins sequel is now off the cards.

The on-screen Oscars reunion of Twins costars Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger reignited calls for the pair to finally make another movie together. Now it looks like that could be moving one step closer, as DeVito has revealed that a new project is in the works.



Release Date
December 8, 1988

Ivan Reitman


William Davies , William Osborne , Timothy Harris , Herschel Weingrod

Universal Pictures

Only their mother can tell them apart.

The Academy Awards Ceremony is well known for throwing up some solid gold moments, and this year included an unexpected Batman moment thanks to the presence of former Dark Knight villains DeVito and Schwarzenegger, and the original big screen Bruce Wayne, Michael Keaton. The on-screen chemistry between the pair was clear for everyone to see, and the addition of Keaton playing up to his former role became the icing on the cake and saw the clip going viral.

Having previously hinted at a future collaboration, DeVito confirmed to CNN this week that there are definitely wheels in motion for him to share screen time with Schwarzenegger again in the near future. DeVito said:

“We’re working on something, a project that we are going to do together, another movie. Arnold and I are good buddies. We met way before Twins, years ago. We get along really well. We’re hoping that sooner than later, we’ll have a nice script to go to work.”

DeVito and Schwarzenegger Missed Out On a Twins Sequel

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Schwarzenegger and DeVito on prison phones in Twins

Although DeVito did not go into any details about what the project is that he and the Terminator star are working on, it is not likely to be the previously announced Twins sequel, Triplets. DeVito previously joked that they missed out on making a sequel to the 1988 comedy because Schwarzenegger “became governor. He should have done Twins 2 instead of becoming governor.”

However a sequel did almost materialize a few years ago, when it was announced that the pair would be teaming up with Twins director Ivan Reitman for Triplets, with Eddie Murphy originally set to join the project, then Tracey Morgan. However, the death of Reitman in 2022 saw the project take a back seat, with neither DeVito nor Schwarzenegger wanting to proceed without the director.


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Whatever form the new movie takes, it is clear that fans of the pair still have a lot of love for anything they do together. Any social media post they make instantly goes viral, and any project they are involved in has an adoring fanbase ready and waiting. Most recently, as well as their Oscars appearance, the pair teamed up for a State Farm insurance ad that made their debut at the 2024 Super Bowl.

While fans wait for their new collaboration, you can find
streaming on Netflix.

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