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Dan Stevens Would Revive Overlooked X-Men Adaptation in the MCU

Dan Stevens Would Revive Overlooked X-Men Adaptation in the MCU


  • The integration of X-Men into the MCU is just beginning, and neglected Marvel adaptations like
    may get a second chance.
  • Dan Stevens, who played David Haller in
    , is open to revisiting the character in the Marvel universe.
  • Legion
    , praised for its style and depiction of mental health, could be reintroduced given the evolving landscape of the MCU.

Dan Stevens has appeared in several huge Hollywood blockbusters in recent years, including this year’s MonsterVerse movie Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. However, one franchise he would like to dip back into is Marvel’s X-Men, which would mean revisiting an often ignored TV adaption from the Marvel franchise. Stevens took the lead in FX series Legion, and five years after the series ended, now could be the perfect time for another lost Marvel child to come home.

The full integration of the X-Men in the MCU is only just beginning, but with so many older Marvel projects being brought into canon, such as Daredevil and Fox’s X-Men movies, Legion is an often overlooked part of the X-Men universe that could get a second chance under the guidance of Marvel Studios. For his part, this is something that Stevens would be more than willing to consider. He told Screen Rant at CinemaCon:

“It was a really fun role. I’ve never had anything like it come across my inbox, and it was such a fun gang to work with. The director of Deadpool is here tonight. I think we could maybe have a word. Do you think we should corner him and see what we can do? This is Vegas. We can sort this out.”



Release Date
February 8, 2017


FX Productions, Marvel Television, 26 Keys Productions


Although it doesn’t look like there are any current plans to return to Legion within the MCU, the cancelation of the series in 2019, and the fact that the character of David Haller was barely touched on in the series’ three-season run, suggest that there could be a lot of scope for the character to be reintroduced in some way in the future.

Legion was Critically Acclaimed but is Often Forgotten

Dan Stevens in Legion Promo

Like several other Marvel offerings from years gone by, Legion was a series that ticked many boxes, but was brought to a premature end when Marvel Studios brought Marvel Television productions to an end in 2019.

Stevens played David Haller, a diagnosed schizophrenic “mutant” with phenomenal powers that he can barely control. While he attempts to bring his powers under control, he also must fight sinister forces that attempt to take over him, and a government agency that is hunting him. Told through the “distorted reality” view of Haller, the series was praised for its depictions of mental health, and its unique visual style and structure.

also starred Aubrey Plaza, who will soon be joining the MCU in



Legion: The Best Episodes, Ranked.

Running for three seasons, the show received critical acclaim for its style and structure. Here are the best episodes of Legion, ranked.

As the series prepared to wrap with its third season, a young Charles Xavier was introduced to the story, but although there were originally plans for the role to be played by Patrick Stewart, Xavier was instead portrayed by Harry Lloyd at the request of showrunner Noah Hawley, who did not want the show to directly be connected with the X-Men movies.

Obviously, in the next few years, there could be many possible chances to bring characters like Haller into the MCU’s timeline, as all bets are currently off as long as the multiverse has a part to play in things. As with so many older Marvel shows being reborn in the new world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is a return that would not be out of the question, and could allow one of Marvel’s most underappreciated adaptations another chance to shine.

is currently streaming on Hulu.

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