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Cruella Director Craig Gillespie in Talks to Helm Supergirl Movie for DC Studios

Cruella Director Craig Gillespie in Talks to Helm Supergirl Movie for DC Studios


  • Craig Gillespie set to direct
    film in new DC Universe.
  • The film will simplify the title to just
    from the original
    Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
  • The story based on the 2021 comic focuses on Kara Zor-El finding new purpose with an alien girl’s quest.

After surprising the world with the story of one of Disney’s most iconic villains, Craig Gillespie is approaching the superhero world and could direct the DCU’s Supergirl movie starring House of the Dragon breakout Milly Alcock. According to new reports, as well as potentially gaining its director, the film will also be following Superman in simplifying its title from the originally announced Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

While James Gunn and his team continue filming Superman, the first official movie of the new DCU, another of the franchise’s most important projects begins to take off. After confirming that Alcock would make her comic book debut as Kara Zor-El in the Supergirl solo film, it was revealed that Ana Nogueira would be in charge of writing the script. Now it seems that a director has also been chosen in Gillespie.

As confirmed by Deadline, Gillespie is in talks with the studio to direct the film, which is part of the first chapter of the new DC extended universe, titled Gods & Monsters. In addition, the outlet reveals that the film will be titled Supergirl and no longer Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, the name of the comic book that served as the main inspiration for the story.

Gillespie has had a busy few years since his directorial debut in 2007 with Mr. Woodcock. That same year he also released Lars and the Real Girl starring Ryan Gosling, and in 2011 the remake of Fright Night, followed by Million Dollar Arm in 2014, The Finest Hours in 2016 and the acclaimed I, Tonya, starring Margot Robbie in 2017.

In 2021, he directed Cruella, the 101 Dalmatians prequel centered on the terrifying titular villain, played by Emma Stone. And in 2023, he brought the GameStop case to the big screen in the comedy Dumb Money, starring Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, Pete Davidson, Vincent D’Onofrio and America Ferrera, among others. Originally, it was believed that a female director would take the helm of the project, with many fans calling for Greta Gerwig to do so following her success with Barbie.

What Will the Supergirl Movie Be About?

Supergirl woman of tomorrow art and Milly Alcock as Supergirl in fan art

No official synopsis for the film has been shared, especially since Nogueira is still working on the script. However, since Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is the main source of inspiration, there are some clues in the comic book published in 2021.

The story focuses on Kara after having experienced incredible adventures, but finding it difficult to give sense to her life. Everyone recognizes her because of her relationship with the Man of Steel, whom she was supposed to protect, but arrived too late to accomplish her mission, and he no longer needs her.


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James Gunn ‘loves’ Smallville Supergirl actor Laura Vandervoort.

Disoriented and searching for a new purpose, just when she thought nothing new could motivate her, everything changes. A young alien girl appears in her life, asking for her help to take revenge against the destroyer of her planet. But the girl is willing to act, with or without Kara’s help. Together they embark on an adventure that will teach them both that there is much more to life than what they imagined.

currently does not have set release date.

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