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Benedict Cumberbatch & Olivia Colman Star in Michael Douglas Dark ’80s Comedy Remake

Benedict Cumberbatch & Olivia Colman Star in Michael Douglas Dark '80s Comedy Remake


  • The Roses
    , a modern remake of
    The War of the Roses
    , stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Colman in a dark comedy about a bitter divorce battle.
  • Tony McNamara will pen the screenplay for
    The Roses
    , promising a blend of dark humor and dramatic tension in this fresh take on love gone wrong.
  • The star-studded remake of the classic film is highly anticipated, set to introduce the story to a new generation with a modern twist.

Jay Roach, the filmmaker behind hits like Austin Powers and Bombshell, is set to direct a remake of the 1989 dark comedy The War of the Roses.

The project, now titled The Roses, is a collaboration with Searchlight and will feature an impressive cast, including Benedict Cumberbatch (portrayed Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange film series) and Olivia Colman (portrayed Sonya Falsworth in Secret Invasion), both of whom have received critical acclaim and Oscar nominations for their past performances, as per THR.

The original film, The War of the Roses, starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner and was a darkly humorous exploration of a married couple’s bitter divorce battle. The story is based on Warren Adler’s 1981 novel, which paints a vivid picture of a seemingly perfect marriage that spirals into chaos. In this modern retelling, Cumberbatch and Colman will step into the roles of Oliver and Barbara Rose, bringing their own unique flair to the tumultuous relationship.

Tony McNamara, known for his work on the hit movie Poor Things, is on board to pen the screenplay for The Roses. The film is expected to retain the original’s blend of dark humor and dramatic tension, offering a fresh take on the timeless tale of love gone wrong.

Watch MovieWeb’s ’80s Comedy Stars That Faded (And Deserve a Comeback) video below:

In addition to their starring roles, both Cumberbatch and Colman will take on production duties. Cumberbatch will produce through his company SunnyMarch, alongside Leah Clarke and Adam Ackland. Colman, on the other hand, will produce for South of the Rier, together with Ed Sinclair and Tom Carver. Jay Roach and Michelle Graham will also serve as producers, with Jonathan R. Adler and Michael Adler of Adler Entertainment Trust acting as executive producers.

The Roses Promises Fresh Take on Classic Tale with Benedict Cumberbatch and Olivia Colman

The casting of Cumberbatch and Colman is particularly exciting, given their impressive track records. Recently, Cumberbatch, with two Oscar nominations under his belt, received acclaim for his portrayal in Wes Anderson’s rendition of Roald Dahl’s The Wonderful Life of Henry Sugar. Colman, an Oscar winner for her role in The Favourite, continues to enchant audiences with her diverse performances. Fans can look forward to seeing Cumberbatch in the upcoming Netflix series Eric, while Colman will appear in the family sequel Paddington in Peru.


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While a release date for The Roses has yet to be announced, anticipation is already high for this star-studded remake. The original movie, The War of the Roses, remains a beloved classic, and its modern counterpart is poised to introduce the story to a new generation. Both Cumberbatch and Colman are set to showcase their versatility in this dark comedy, offering a modern take on the tumultuous tale of love turned sour.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar poster

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

Release Date
September 27, 2023

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