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Batman’s Weirdest Batsuits We’ll Likely Never See in a Movie

Batman’s Weirdest Batsuits We’ll Likely Never See in a Movie


  • Batman has sported some wild costumes in the comics that may never show up in live-action, like Zebra-Batman and Mummy Batman.
  • These bizarre batsuits have interesting stories, like Batman turning into a Zebra-Batman and using bandages to keep a secret in the Mummy Batman suit.
  • While these costumes may not make it to live-action films, they may appear in animated shows and games, offering fans a different take on the Caped Crusader.



Batman’s costume has had quite a few variations over the years and have left all sorts of impressions on fans. Even some of the costumes seen in the live-action Batman films proved quite a stir with fans, such as the infamous nippled armor seen in Batman and Robin . However, Batman has worn some costumes throughout the comics that probably aren’t going to show up in the live-action films anytime soon.

Some of these batsuits would be downright impractical to wear in real life, while others might just be so bright and flashy that the costume designers fear they won’t be taken seriously. That said, many of these batsuits usually have some great story to go with it. While they probably won’t appear in live-action films, they might show up in other media, like animated shows and video games. On the other hand, animation tends to be more forgiving when it comes to bringing art to life.

10 Zebra-Batman

In Detective Comics #275, Batman fights against a villain known as the Zebra-Man, who donned a black-and-white striped costume and possessed electromagnetic powers. During a confrontation, a machine charge transfers the villain’s powers to the Caped Crusader, turning him into a “Zebra-Batman.”

A Suit That Doesn’t Come Off

Unfortunately, Zebra-Batman’s costume is missing an important accessory: Zebra-Man’s belt, which he uses to neutralize his powers. This means Zebra-Batman finds himself repelling solid matter without a way to control it. This especially proves dangerous, as it means he would repel food and eventually starve to death. It’s also implied the zebra stripes go beneath the suit, meaning he would never be able to become Bruce Wayne again. Fortunately, once the villain is captured, Zebra-Batman is able to obtain the belt and transform himself back to normal.

9 Mummy Batman

In the comic story, “The Mummy Crime-Fighters,” Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson get exposed to alien technology, which transforms their skin green. Attempts to cover up the change with makeup fail when it simply melts off. In order to protect their secret identities, they decide to wrap themselves with bandages, giving them a mummy-like appearance. This change in appearance arouses suspicion in Vicki Vale, inspiring her to further investigate the duo’s civilian identities.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

However, Vale, who had suspected Bruce and Dick were Batman and Robin, seemingly has her theory debunked when Bruce and Wayne appear with green skin while Batman and Robin do not. In truth, their transformation had already worn off and the two used makeup to protect their identities from Vale. When Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series adapted the costume, it was used to fight the villain King Tut. This time, it was explained Batman and Robin coated the bandages in buttermilk, which proved to be the villain’s weakness.

8 Jungle Batman

In “The Jungle Batman!,” Batman and Robin are tasked with delivering the Sinister Eight to Satan’s Island, using a radio-powered ship. Unfortunately, both a storm and the Sinister Eight’s minions cause trouble, causing the party to be washed ashore on an island.

Batman Goes Tarzan

To make matters worse, in addition to being without food, the duo have lost most of their costumes in the deluge, leaving only their masks and their underwear. Batman even notes they are without their utility belts. However, when Batman slays a panther before it pounces on Robin, he has the idea to make a “jungle” costume for himself using its pelt. The Dark Knight also appears to have constructed armbands and sandals for himself and his young ward.

The costume actually appears in the Batman animated series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, in “The Jungle Batman.” In this take on the story, Batman and Robin are fighting Catwoman in the jungle. While Batman saves Robin from the villain’s panther, Hecate, in a scene similar to the original story, he’s already wearing a pelt by the time he subdues the animal.


All Batman Animated Series in Order

Batman has been a staple IP when it comes to TV animation. Here are all of his animated TV series in order.

7 Magical Girl Batman

It’s a running joke in the DC Comics franchise that Batman might be a fan of Japanese anime and manga, particularly the superheroine Sailor Moon. This is due to one comic story in which Bruce Wayne sees through a human alter-ego of Martian Manhunter, a woman named “Rei Hino,” citing the name was a dead giveaway. After all, “Rei Hino” is Sailor Mars’ civilian identity.

In Dreams, Anything Can Happen

This fandom joke might have been given a nod in Knight Terrors: Batman, where Batman confronts Insomnia in a dream-like state. While Batman normally doesn’t have any supernatural powers in the real world, dreams are another story, so he transforms into a brand new costume, complete with ribbons coming out of his insignia like with Sailor Moon’s brooch. The new costume resembles his traditional one, but is darker and more detailed, complete with a fishnet-like pattern. Batman even “de-transforms” when he goes on to meet his inner-child.

6 The “Citizen Wayne” Batmen

“Citizen Wayne” is an Elseworlds story that was featured in Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #4. When it comes to Batman’s costume, however, this story comes with a twist. Batman first appears in a 1920s-style world where Batman’s costume isn’t too off from usual, but has a full-face mask and is paired with firearms. However, it’s not Bruce Wayne under the mask, but Harvey Dent.

A Tale of Two Batmen…& Maybe Three

After Dent has taken a life, it’s up to his old friend Bruce Wayne to stop him. He dons an outfit resembling a samurai’s armor, complete with a winged helmet. Unlike most versions of Wayne’s costumes, this one makes no attempt at hiding his face, putting it on full display.

The end of the story reveals that Dick Grayson has become a district attorney in this universe. After Wayne and Dent’s fight to the finish, it’s implied Grayson will don Dent’s costume and become the new Batman.

5 Underwater Batman

In Superman/Batman #8, a Kryptonite meteor has broken into pieces and has fallen all over the Earth. While Superman has confined himself to the Fortress of Solitude, Batman decides to investigate, driving him to look beneath Gotham harbor. A mysterious girl, later revealed to be Kara Zor-El , steals his ship, causing Batman to chase her down.

A Zoot Suit-Style Wetsuit

The suit, in addition to a ventilation mask, is decorated with vertical stripes and covered with pouches, effectively allowing underwater pockets. Batman still keep his famous cowl while in the water, presumably for the sake of his secret identity. By the time he emerges from the water, the outfit has already been ripped up and he has switched to his traditional costume by the time he reached Kara on land.

4 Batman Versus Predator Suit

Batman has occasionally traded in his usual tights for armor, even in the films, and one such story is Batman Versus Predator, a crossover story that saw Batman take on the aliens from the Predator film series. The story starts off with Batman being called to investigate a mysterious murder, in which the victim had their skull and spine removed.

Of Course, Bats Use Sonar

Batman’s normal costume initially proves no match when he encounters the deadly Predator, nearly losing his life in a fight. After a period of recovery, Batman reemerges from the shadows with a sonar exoskeleton suit. Batman’s helmet notably covers up his eyes, the the suit using sonar to help Wayne “see,” as he had nearly lost his sight during his earlier confrontation with the Predator. However, Bruce’s eyes do become visible in one quick close-up.

The story was notably followed up by a few sequels, Batman Versus Predator II: Bloodmatch and Batman Versus Predator III: Blood Ties. Notably, Batman also faced off against a Predator in the fan-film, Batman: Dead End.


10 Best Episodes of the 1960s Batman Series

The ’60s Batman TV show was a comical take on the Caped Crusader’s adventures and the following are its best-ever episodes.

3 The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh

The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is a character who appears in different incarnations throughout the comics. Originally, he was an alien called Tlano who wanted to become his planet’s version of Batman. However, other stories portray him an another alter-ego of Bruce Wayne. Unlike the darkly colored dressed Dark Knight, this version of Batman dons a brightly colored costume, made up of shades of red, yellow, and purple.

A Batman From Another World

Notably, when the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh appears in the interactive short film, Batman: Death in the Family, lighting is used to downplay the colorful costume. In this version, the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is Batman after he had been revived by the Lazarus Pit by Talia al Ghul. The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh also appears in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, once again donning a brightly colored costume.

2 Nosferatu Batman

Batman: Nosferatu was a Batman Elseworlds story that took influence from various classic silent films, like Metropolis, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and, to a lesser extent, despite the title, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror. The story takes place in a Metropolis ruled by “Clarc Kent-son” and Lois Lane. “Bruss Wayne-son” encounters sentient computers who watch over humanity while captured in Arkham. He is transformed into “Nosferatu.”

A Batman For the Silent Era

Nosferatu’s costume makes him resemble Count Orlok with a few bat-like touches. His white mask has elongated incisors and bat ears. In addition, his fingers protrude into long, menacing claws. Nosferatu’s spooky appearance earns the distrust of “Super-Man.” However, upon learning of the computers, Super-Man agrees a creature of the night is needed to fight other dark forces.

1 Rainbow Batman

“The Rainbow Batman” sees the Dark Knight experiment with his color scheme. After Dick breaks his arm saving a girl from a hit-and-run, he starts to search for the crooks. Meanwhile, Batman starts mysteriously wearing differently colored versions of his outfit. This includes red, pale blue, gold, orange, green, and even a white costume complete with a target, until he finally dons a costume made up of rainbow stripes.

There’s Even a Bullseye Batman

Batman eventually explains the costumes helped proved a distraction so that no one would notice Robin couldn’t use his broken arm, possibly confirming his identity as Dick Grayson. After all, simply having Robin sit out the investigation wasn’t an option when he was the only one to get a good look at the criminals’ faces.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold adapted the story as “The Rainbow Batman.” This time, it was explained that Batman was using the different outfits to fight the color-themed villain Firefly, as each color ray had no effect if Batman wore its respective color. When Firefly summons the Rainbow Creature, Batman’s belt transforms him into the “Rainbow Batman” and defeats the monster.

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