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‘Banned’ Episode of Top Disney+ Series Finally Streams for Free on YouTube

'Banned' Episode of Top Disney+ Series Finally Streams for Free on YouTube


  • Bluey’
    s “Dad Baby” episode, controversial for its pregnancy mimic, was restricted on Disney+, but is now free on YouTube.
  • Bluey
    , a beloved show about an adventurous Blue Heeler puppy, bypassed Disney to share a banned episode for fans.
  • Despite Disney+ offering iconic franchises,
    ‘s massive popularity rivals them, with its “lost” episode gaining over a million views.

Disney has always been very particular about the content they allow to be shown on channels and their Disney+ platform. Even some of their most popular shows are not completely immune to seeing the might of the Mouse House brought down on them – including Bluey, the Australian children’s series that has been dominating Disney+. The show is distributed in the United States by Disney through Disney+, Disney Jr., and the Disney Channel, but one episode of the series has never been made available online as Disney were not happy with the content. This is something that has now been rectified by the official Bluey YouTube channel, which is not owned by Disney, posting the whole missing episode online to be watched for free.

The episode in question is titled “Dad Baby,” and was part of Bluey’s second season. The episode sees the character Bandit pretending to be pregnant, with his daughter Bingo hiding in a baby carrier on his stomach throughout the episode. The imitation of pregnancy was seemingly too much for Disney, who did not allow the episode to stream on Disney+, meaning that only those purchasing the physical release of the series could watch it in the U.S.



Release Date
September 30, 2018

David McCormack , Melanie Zanetti , Brad Elliott


Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), BBC Studios, Ludo Studio

Bluey’s producers, who run the YouTube channel for the series, took matters into their own hands to bypass Disney’s refusal to share the episode, and made it free to access to the huge fandom of the show. This is just another example of how distributors may have the power to censor what is seen on their own platforms, but the content creators still have their own ways of making sure everyone has the ability to easily access all content via other means.

Who and What is Bluey?

Bluey has grown massively in popularity since its debut in 2018, becoming a cultural phenomenon that has endeared itself to both children and parents alike. Its success is largely attributed to its mix of likable characters and relatable stories that are aimed at sharing important themes and topics with a young audience.

Created by Joe Brumm, the series centers around Bluey, a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who takes an enthusiastic interest in the world around her. Bluey lives with her father Bandit, her mother Chili, and her younger sister Bingo. The series has received high praise for its portrayal of family dynamics, parenting, and its incorporation of lessons about creativity, problem solving, and emotional resilience.


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Over the last few decades, many children’s movies have stood out as timeless classics, and it’s always fun to revisit them as an adult.

Despite Disney+ boasting its Marvel Cinematic Universe stories, as well as TV entries in the Star Wars franchise and its many other IPs, Bluey’s success puts most of them in the shade as it consistently dominates the top of the streaming charts similarly to Cocomelon on Netflix. For this reason, it is not surprising that the “lost” episode of Bluey has racked up over a million views in just one day.

is available to stream on Disney+.

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