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Aziz Ansari Roasts Lionsgate’s Love of Henry Cavill Before Talking About His Keanu Reeves Movie

Aziz Ansari Roasts Lionsgate's Love of Henry Cavill Before Talking About His Keanu Reeves Movie


  • Aziz Ansari humorously trash-talked Lionsgate’s favoritism towards Henry Cavill at CinemaCon.
  • He detailed his upcoming comedy film
    Good Fortune
    , starring Keanu Reeves as an angel.
  • Ansari defended the theatrical comedy genre and expressed excitement over his project with Reeves, despite skepticism.

Aziz Ansari may be directing “f-cking Keanu” Reeves in his new movie, Good Fortune, but it was his joking swipe at another much-loved Hollywood star that gained him a lot of attention at CinemaCon. As well as discussing some brief details about his upcoming comedy film, Ansari took a hilarious swipe at Lionsgate Motion Picture Chair Adam Fogelson for the studio’s love of casting Henry Cavill in movies.

Parks and Rec star Ansari makes his directorial debut with Good Fortune, which will see Reeves playing the role of an angel who loses his job when he grants the wish of a man with dire consequences. Ansari plays the man in question, and as both the star and director of the film, he has a lot of love for the project. However, his need to share details on movie still couldn’t prevent him having a cheeky dig about Lionsgate’s star of the moment. Ansari said:

“I don’t buy into this thing that theatrical comedies aren’t a thing. I know what you’re thinking: Oh my God, it’s Henry Cavill in brown face, how inappropriate! Adam (Fogelson)’s nickname for me is ‘Little brown Cavill’… Enough with Cavill…You’ve casted Henry Cavill in five films!”

For those who believe that this could be an exaggerated number, Cavill is currently appearing in The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. He will also reunite with director Guy Ritchie for In The Grey, and lead Chad Stalhelski’s Highlander reboot. These titles add to his previous Lionsgate releases, The Cold Light of Day and Blood Creek from 2012 and 2008 respectively.

Keanu Reeves Will Play an Angel in Good Fortune

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Keanu Reeves as John Wick looking at something just off camera

With his little roast of Lionsgate’s love of Cavill over, Ansari continued to discuss the subject he was attending the CinemaCon panel to really talk about – Good Fortune. Having been stuck in development for a year thanks to the various Hollywood strikes of 2023, filming finally began in January, and although the actor-director didn’t go into many specific plot details about the comedy movie, he did share his excitement at having Reeves on board.

Speaking about his reasons for wanting to do a comedy movie, despite many industry experts believing they no longer make money in theaters, Ansari said:

“People do want to come to the theater and laugh together. I think we can do it. I don’t think we can say this genre doesn’t work. We had f*cking Keanu man. He actually is an angel. This is the first time he’s gotten to play his true form.”


Keanu Reeves’ New Role as an Angel Became Hell When He Fractured His Knee in a Very Non-Action Hero Way

Keanu Reeves will take on a heavenly role in his new movie, Good Fortune, but suffered an unexpected injury while filming.

The film sees Ansari playing a man with very few good things in his life, and working endless jobs to make ends meet. When his rich friend calls to offer him work, Reeves’ angel grants him the life of his friend, but things don’t go according to plan. Currently, the movie does not have a release date, but with production seemingly well on the way to being completed, it is likely Good Fortune will be released sometime later this year.

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