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Apple TV’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Show Already Spoiled the Book’s Biggest Twist

Apple TV's Upcoming Sci-Fi Show Already Spoiled the Book's Biggest Twist


  • A major storytelling twist in the
    Dark Matter
    book is revealed early in the TV trailer, prompting the author to explain the rationale for the decision.
  • With visual and auditory cues, the audience will likely predict a twist about the abductor’s identity early, shaping a sense of uneasiness.
  • Showrunners opted for an early twist reveal in the trailer to maintain audience interest in the complex storyline adaptation.

Dark Matter is the latest sci-fi book adaptation to grace TV screens. Starring Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen, Dark Matter tells the story of a physics professor who is one day kidnapped, beaten, and drugged unconscious until he finally wakes up strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers who seem to know him. After a rendezvous through the city he once called home, he realizes his life has been turned upside down. Jason is no longer married to his wife, he no longer has a son, and he is no longer a humble physics professor but a prize-winning research scientist and inventor. It doesn’t take him long to realize that this is an alternate version of his reality, one where he’s achieved everything he ever dreamed of professionally but has no family to celebrate it with. Now, he’ll stop at nothing to go back to the way things were.

In the Dark Matter novel, the truth is slowly unfurled so that the reader learns what is happening alongside Jason. However, in the Apple TV+ trailer, one major truth is already given away. Let’s explore what that was, whether it may impact the storytelling in the broader show, and what writer/showrunner Blake Crouch had to say to fans who were disappointed that things weren’t going to play out exactly the way they did in his book.

What Twist Did the Dark Matter TV Series Trailer Give Away?

About a third of the way into the book, Jason realizes that the person who abducted him must’ve been the alternate reality’s version of him. Jason2, as he refers to him, abducted Jason and then swapped places with him. For many readers, this reveal was like a bombshell being dropped. For folks watching the promo, it came at the one-and-a-half-minute mark.

The Dark Matter trailer takes Joel Edgerton through the multiverse, punctuated by a voiceover of Jason’s colleague and friend Amanda (Alice Braga) asking, “What’s the one thing you had that he didn’t?” over a shot of Jason and his wife Daniela (Jennifer Connelly) embracing. But will knowing the identity and intentions of Jason’s abductor beforehand ruin the viewing experience of the series?


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In the book, when Jason is kidnapped, Jason2 doesn’t do much to conceal his identity other than wear a mask and lower his voice. This works in the context of a book because a) Jason is primarily concerned with making it out of the situation alive, and b) we can’t hear and see the person, so we’re left to our own devices to imagine who they could be. In the show, with those visual and audial cues now available to us (height, build, vocal similarities), plus all the hints that follow that the world Jason emerges into is an alternate dimension, audiences would probably catch on pretty quickly – even if it weren’t disclosed in the trailer.

With only nine episodes to tell the story, the reveal will likely be a case of dramatic irony: the audience realizes that the kidnapper is Jason2 first, and then Jason isn’t far behind. We see in the trailer that Jason2 does wear a mask when kidnapping Jason, so provided that they’ve also kept the detail of him barely altering his voice, it’s fair to assume that this could never have been much of a twist in the show.

What Did Author and Showrunner Blake Crouch Say About the Dark Matter Trailer?

Dark Matter

Dark Matter (2024)

Release Date
May 8, 2024


Blake Crouch

Streaming Service(s)
Apple TV+

Some Dark Matter book fans took to the comments section of Crouch’s Instagram when he posted the Apple TV+ trailer for the series, confused by the decision to reveal such a significant plot point. Crouch shed some light on the situation, responding to one commenter: “agree, at first I hated that they gave this away but we tried making the trailer several different ways, and this was the most compelling version. Otherwise it came off as ‘a show about a man who might be crazy(?).’ It’s weird how some things that work in the book don’t work visually.”

To Crouch’s point, the clues to the abductor’s identity don’t even stop at the visual level. Jason teaches quantum mechanics. Thematically, the story of Dark Matter is about the road not taken. And, if that all weren’t enough, the original Daniela grows suspicious of Jason2 not acting like “himself.” This plays out mostly in internal monologues in the book, which lends itself to maintaining the mystery. In a visual medium like TV, though, these scenes would have to be fleshed out more to be worth including. Whatever mystery is sacrificed here will be compensated instead by a heightened feeling of uneasiness and fear because the viewer already knows this isn’t Daniela’s Jason. So, one could argue that this change is actually a good thing.


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For book loyalists, there are plenty of reasons to still get excited for Apple TV+’s Dark Matter. The story isn’t just about finding out who kidnapped Jason. It’s about getting at the root of why Jason2 did it, reconciling these sides of himself, and, in so doing, being able to get back home. Dark Matter is streaming on Apple TV+ on May 8.

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