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AMC’s Interview with the Vampire Has a Different Flavor in Season Two | TV/Streaming

AMC's Interview with the Vampire Has a Different Flavor in Season Two | TV/Streaming

While the Louis of the past struggles to navigate a war-torn Europe (alongside a bloodthirsty Claudia, now played by Delaine Hayles), Louis in the present has re-asserted control over his ongoing interview with not-so-intrepid journalist Daniel Molloy (Bogosian). The climax of last season’s finale revealed that Louis’ servant/blood bag Rashid (Assad Zaman) is not, in fact, Rashid, but the ancient vampire Armand, and he’s ready to share his side of the story. 

“Interview with the Vampire”’s second season doesn’t push away or distinguish itself from season one, serving as a true continuation of the story, albeit with one key difference—the recast Claudia. The series handles the transition simply and elegantly (with a title card at the top of the season premiere, reminiscent of slips left in theater programs), not looking to let the change in casting interrupt the momentum the series has worked hard to build.

Ironically, though, the storyline with the most momentum coming off the season one finale is the one that doesn’t involve Claudia at all—instead, it’s the Rashid/Armand reveal in the present day that’s got the most immediate shockwaves. Where Zaman had spent season one with Rashid masquerading as a demure, worshipful servant of Louis, season two has him take center stage in his full splendor.

It’s a delicious opportunity for Zaman to show off his range. There was an endearing quality to his taciturn Rashid in season one, but this confident, seductive Armand is another beast entirely, and one who also makes his presence known in the WWII-era storyline with Claudia. But while Armand may be a fascinating character, his Louis and the introduction of the Parisian vampire coven/theater troupe do end up feeling stale, especially in comparison to the walking soap opera that was Lestat.

In the absence of Lestat and his dramatics, “Interview with the Vampire” positions Armand as the new primary love interest of Louis’ past and present—but that doesn’t mean the series has forgotten about the Daniel/Armand connection. Just as Armand’s sudden heel-turn has given Zaman new meat to dig into as an actor, it’s also allowed Bogosian to explore the more vulnerable, achingly human parts of Daniel that are so cruelly exposed by Armand’s revelation. The power imbalance between Daniel and Louis/Armand comes to the forefront of this season, Louis taking more than one opportunity to poke around in Daniel’s head when he feels cornered by his line of questioning. 

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