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Alan Ritchson Will Play Reacher in Prime Video ‘For a Long Time’ Says Amazon’s Jennifer Salke

Alan Ritchson Will Play Reacher in Prime Video 'For a Long Time' Says Amazon's Jennifer Salke


  • Alan Ritchson and Amazon exec Jennifer Salke are committed to continuing the hit series
    for the foreseeable future.
  • Ritchson aims to bring as many of Reacher’s stories to life as possible, grateful for the opportunity the series has given him.
  • The show’s focus is on quality over quantity, with plans to keep Ritchson as Jack Reacher for a long time, promising more thrilling adventures.

Prime Video’s hit series, Reacher, seems to have its longevity assured. Alan Ritchson and Amazon exec Jennifer Salke confirmed their commitment to working on the series with ‘no end in sight.’

Reacher season 2 poster


Release Date
February 4, 2022

Alan Ritchson , Maria Sten , Malcolm Goodwin , Willa Fitzgerald


Nick Santora

In an interview with THR, Ritchson has expressed his dedication to bringing as many of Reacher’s stories to life as his physicality permits. He acknowledges the opportunity the series has given him, providing him with a significant career milestone. Ritchson said,

I owe it to the audience to explore as many of these books as my body will allow
, and I owe it to the people that took a shot on me when I was a huge risk for them. They have given me a real career.”

Salke shares Ritchson’s enthusiasm working on the series. She emphasizes the focus on quality over quantity, with plans to continue featuring Ritchson as Jack Reacher for the foreseeable future. Salke stated,

“The minute I saw [his audition], I was really thrilled. From the moment I looked at it, I remember this very clearly, he had everything.
He had the stature, for sure, he’s got the sparkle behind the eye, he has the intelligence and the complexity of the character.
He was delivering so many layers of the performance. Jack Reacher is sometimes a character of few words, but you can never feel like he’s got nothing going on. I always feel like a really rich inner life emanates from Alan as an actor.”

“He’s got movies in the works with us, series ideas. It’s not about the volume but about picking a few really special things.
We’ll have Alan as long as he will play Jack Reacher. No end in sight for that, hopefully that’s for a very, very, very long time.

Watch MovieWeb’s Reacher Season 3 Plot Revealed video below:

Reacher has quickly become a fan-favorite, with its gripping storyline and compelling character arcs. Based on Lee Child’s bestselling novels, the show has successfully adapted the thrilling adventures of Jack Reacher, a former military police special investigator with a knack for solving crimes and dispensing justice.

Alan Ritchson’s Unchanging Hero: The Consistent Appeal of Reacher’s Adventures

The series kicked off with its first season, drawing from Child’s “Killing Floor,” and introduced audiences to Ritchson’s portrayal of the iconic character. The success of the inaugural season was followed by a second season inspired by “Bad Luck and Trouble,” and now, fans are eagerly waiting for the third season, which will be based on “Persuader.”

Despite its popularity, Reacher has faced criticism regarding the lack of character development, particularly for its protagonist. This aligns with the narrative style of the original books, which are episodic and leave Reacher largely unchanged from one story to the next. He drifts through life without forming deep connections, except for a brief association with Neagley.


Reacher: 10 Jack Reacher Books the TV Show Could Adapt Next

After season two, what adventures could Reacher get into? Here are a few stories from the Jack Reacher books that the show could adapt next.

This consistency is a deliberate choice, allowing readers to quickly grasp how Reacher will navigate new challenges, often resorting to his straightforward signature approach to justice. By keeping Reacher’s character constant, the show retains the excitement and familiarity that fans enjoy, while still delivering new and engaging storylines.

Reacher’s appeal lies in its ability to balance action, suspense, and a touch of predictability. As the series continues to unfold on Prime Video, viewers can look forward to more thrilling escapades with Alan Ritchson leading the charge as the indomitable Jack Reacher.

Season 1 & 2 are available for streaming on Prime Video.

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