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A Spectacular Start to the Summer Box Office

A Spectacular Start to the Summer Box Office


  • Gosling and Blunt’s chemistry shines, but the central conceit loses steam in the second act.
  • Leitch delivers dynamic action scenes, showcasing his talent as a renowned stuntman turned director.
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson nails the role of a slimy narcissistic actor, adding humor and satire to the film.

The Fall Guy revs the summer box office into high gear with a clever action-comedy that’s sure to delight audiences. The effortlessly charming Ryan Gosling dons his romantic hero cape to win Emily Blunt’s heart in a rugged but aw-shucks sweet fashion. They have the kind of superstar lead chemistry that studio suits drool over. Director David Leitch delivers his best film yet. He gives deserving props to “the unknown stuntman that makes Eastwood look so fine.” Those memorable lyrics from the classic TV show get a blockbuster adaptation, despite an overly meta plot and enough GMC truck product placement to stamp your forehead.

Colt Seaver (Gosling) ambles through a movie set while narrating his job description as a Hollywood stuntman. He’s made a career of being the action double for Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a laughably arrogant and insulting A-lister who’s coddled like a spoiled toddler by mega-producer Gail Meyer (Hannah Waddingham). It’s Tom’s world and everyone else plays second fiddle. All Colt cares about is spending time with camera operator Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt). They plan to sip spicy margaritas on a beach once the film is wrapped.

Almost two years later, Colt parks cars as a valet at a Mexican restaurant. He gets a call from a frantic Gail on set in Sydney, Australia. Colt’s about to hang up when Gail tells him that Jody is directing her first film, a sci-fi action romance called Metal Storm. She lies to get Colt on the plane down under to solve her real problem. Tom Ryder has been missing for days. Gail’s worried he’s in serious trouble. She can’t keep lying to Jody and the film’s financiers about Tom’s whereabouts. Colt needs to find Tom before Jody’s big chance is ruined. Her reaction to Colt appearing out of nowhere doesn’t go nearly as planned.

The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy


Release Date
May 3, 2024

1hr 54min


  • Gosling and Blunt have excellent chemistry
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson and the supporting cast are also great
  • Hits all the right genre beats with its action, comedy, and romance

  • The central conceit loses steam in the second act
  • Overly expositional at times

Dynamite Action Scenes

Screenwriter Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3, Hotel Artemis) mirrors the romance in Metal Storm with the rekindled relationship between Colt and Jody. They weren’t great communicators as a couple, but The Fall Guy allows them both to address issues impeding their smoldering love and attraction. These scenes are hilarious — they take place on a packed movie set where everyone around them fully understands what’s happening. Gosling and Blunt’s shared charisma helps you get invested, because after all, who doesn’t want a happy ending? But riding off into the sunset together might not make for compelling cinema. Their struggle to find artistic and personal happiness together is literally dynamite stuff.

David Leitch (Deadpool 2, Bullet Train) brilliantly showcases his talent as a renowned stuntman turned action director. The Fall Guy runs the gamut of jaw-dropping fight scenes, vehicle chases, and death-defying plunges. Leitch smartly avoids too much gunplay, Colt isn’t a trained killer, he’s just a professional who knows how to hurl himself on top of a speeding car without shattering every bone in his body. Leitch constantly reminds us that stunts are spectacularly dangerous. Making things go boom requires meticulous planning and specific equipment and Colt expertly uses safety lines, rigs, and harnesses. The movie within a movie concept gets granular but doesn’t become a bore.


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The disappearance at the narrative’s center isn’t a job for Sherlock Holmes. You’ll be able to deduce fairly quickly where the tide’s flowing. Leitch takes his foot off the gas in a long second act to focus on the needed exposition. Here, the pacing slows, but not enough to derail the entertainment. The film has to take a breath and allow the brilliant cast to shine. Leitch isn’t aiming for relentless adrenaline. In fact, some of the best moments are the lighter character interactions. Colt’s buddy scenes with close friend Dan Tucker (Winston Duke) add levity and extra muscle when the going gets tough. Teamwork makes the dream work; stunts are a group effort all around.

A Sweet Romance

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in The Fall Guy
Universal Pictures

Aaron Taylor-Johnson doesn’t quite steal the show, but nails being a slimy narcissist. He embodies the stereotype of a pompous actor with sycophants scurrying like mice to do his ludicrous bidding. Leitch and Pearce get big laughs mocking the cringe-worthy designer ads stars crank out for easy money. The film satirizes the lengths celebrities go to appear genuine and be lauded as such. Ryder’s constant lying refrain of doing his own stunts has to be a humorous jab at Tom Cruise. This also backfires with Leitch putting his production company’s logo front and center in pivotal scenes. The movie within a movie is the perfect opportunity for shameless self-promotion.


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Additionally, there are just enough Easter eggs to please fans of the TV show. The Fall Guy takes the original premise in a different direction but always pays homage to the source material. The film lays a successful foundation for sequels galore. Stick around during the credits for several fun surprises.

The Fall Guy is a production of 87North and Entertainment 360. It will be released theatrically on May 3rd from Universal Pictures. You can watch the trailer below.

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