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28 Years Later Trilogy Enlists The Marvels Director Nia DaCosta

28 Years Later Trilogy Enlists The Marvels Director Nia DaCosta


  • Nia DaCosta, known for MCU’s
    The Marvels
    , steps into the horror genre with the
    28 Years Later
  • Sony’s strategic plan of shooting both films simultaneously shows dedication to the franchise’s continuity.
  • Alex Garland to write scripts for the trilogy, drawing inspiration from unlikely sources like Kes.

Nia DaCosta, fresh off her directorial role in The Marvels, will take the helm of a new film in the 28 Years Later trilogy. DaCosta’s newest venture marks a significant shift, moving from superhero saga to a horror franchise revered for its intense narrative and gritty realism.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures is currently in talks with DaCosta to direct the second installment of the horror trilogy. This strategic move by Sony suggests they are preparing for a seamless transition between films, with plans to shoot the sequel simultaneously with the first film in the series. The plan shows Sony’s commitment to the 28 Years Later franchise, ensuring continuity and a swift production schedule.

The sequel will reconnect audiences with the harrowing world of survival and dread that defined the original 28 Days Later, directed by Danny Boyle. Boyle is not only set to direct the first film of the new trilogy but will also serve as a producer for the sequel. Cillian Murphy, whose performance in the original was critically acclaimed, will return, this time adding his expertise as an executive producer.

28 Days Later

28 Days Later

Release Date
October 31, 2002

Alex Palmer , Bindu De Stoppani , Jukka Hiltunen , David Schneider , Cillian Murphy , Toby Sedgwick


Your days are numbered…

Writer Alex Garland Draws Inspiration from Unexpected Source for 28 Years Later

Alex Garland, who penned 28 Days Later, is slated to write the scripts for all three films in the trilogy. This decision will likely preserve the thematic and narrative depth that fans expect from the series.

Intriguingly, Garland has credited the film Kes as a significant influence for 28 Years Later. This open acknowledgment shows Garland’s admiration for the cinematic works that have shaped his own creative vision, demonstrating his readiness to honor those influences in his filmmaking. Garland stated:

In the film scripts I delivered to Danny [Boyle], what I did was ripped off this film called Kes. Very unexpected thing to rip off in a zombie movie
. I think the script I delivered and Kes both focused around the experience of a young lad to the extent it’s tonal. Those are the most obvious ways, but there are some slightly more subtle things to do with landscape as well. And sort of, humans and nature.”

How 28 Days Later Held Audiences Captive with Its Apocalyptic Vision

The original 28 Days Later film, released in 2002, presented a chilling narrative of societal collapse through the eyes of Jim, a bicycle courier portrayed by Cillian Murphy, who awakens from a coma into a world ravaged by a virulent contagion. The film’s haunting portrayal of an apocalyptic virus struck a resonant chord with audiences, garnering $84 million against an $8 million budget and achieving a renaissance of interest during the COVID-19 pandemic.


How 28 Days Later Brought Zombie Movies Back to Life

28 Days Later was a groundbreaking horror film from 2002 that brought a tired and limping genre back to life.

28 Weeks Later, the 2007 sequel, continued this harrowing exploration of viral devastation with new characters, including performances by Robert Carlyle and Jeremy Renner, and similarly received both critical and commercial success.

Despite the initial film’s accomplishments and the sequel’s strong follow-through, the planned third installment faced numerous hurdles, delaying its realization until recently, when Sony finally greenlit the project, securing the rights to what promises to be a gripping continuation of this post-apocalyptic narrative.

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