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20 Most Rewatchable TV Shows From the 2000s

20 Most Rewatchable TV Shows From the 2000s

In terms of creative outbursts, nothing can beat the world of television in the 2000s. The 1990s were over, and the technological jump into the 2000s was loud and clear. High-definition TV sets were made available and accessible to everyone, and production studios saw the opportunity to capitalize on the craze that DVDs were leading. Fox, NBC, and ABC tried their best and left a mark on the annals of popular culture with the introduction of high-quality television that wasn’t only available if you had cable.



Some of your favorite TV shows, in their majority dramas, had their peak in the 2000s, when creative views were widely welcome but didn’t tamper with the overall quality of the show or the show’s narrative direction. It was unbeatable as a format, and even a writers’ strike couldn’t make the industry stumble. It just changed season schedules forever. Oh, and it introduced reality television in unimaginable ways.

To celebrate one of the most important decades in television, we dug around the bins and dusted off the box sets that made the 2000s the prime era for TV shows. These are the most rewatchable TV shows from the 2000s.

20 CSI (2000-2015)



Release Date
October 6, 2000



CSI, also known as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, told the story of a team of crime-scene investigators who worked for the Las Vegas Police Department. Every night they dealt with crimes that went from the horrific to the weird, and their findings were usually key to capturing the perpetrator. They were led by Gil Grissom, the supervisor, who specialized in a unique area of evidence analysis, just like the rest of them.

Drama Among the Corpses

The show’s pilot was released in October 2000, and TV was never the same again. Suddenly, law enforcement agents and those weird enough to manipulate a corpse had lives and could compel the audience enough to get us hooked for countless seasons of a crime procedural that seldom changed its style of narrative. It’s rewatchable because it makes forensics appealing to viewers by making things simple, and also because the inside drama was based on likable characters.

It was so successful and groundbreaking that it inspired producers to make CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. It features something rare in television: a film director liked it so much that he was obsessed with directing an episode. That’s your very own Quentin Tarantino, directing Grave Danger, the fifth season finale. You can stream CSI on Hulu.

19 The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006-2010)

The New Adventures of Old Christine told the story of Christine Campbell, a divorced mother who’s trying to keep everything together after she realizes her former husband is also dating someone named Christine. A younger Christine, for that matter. She’s constantly hanging around her brother Matthew, who lives with her, her son Ritchie, and her business partner Barb. Christine stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus in one of her finest performances.

A Comedy Master at Full Speed

The sitcom was extremely popular for a couple of years, and it made for a great debunking of the Seinfeld curse, which supposedly didn’t let its former stars be successful in other endeavors.

The comedian is great in the role of Christine, and she plays one of the important female characters in the comedy of the 2000s, when women couldn’t “succeed” if they weren’t paranoid or hysterical enough. Christine drew the line and wasn’t scared to make fun of herself, making the show a highly rewatchable compilation of physical comedy. Buy on Apple TV.

18 Arrested Development (2003-2019)

In Arrested Development, Michael Bluth is trying to stay sane while trying to maintain the integrity of his family. In other words, he’s the only normal one in the outfit. The Bluths used to be wealthy, but the leader, George Bluth Sr., was a corrupt real estate mogul who led to the downfall of the family. However, he’s the only one convicted, and his sons and his wife think everything’s the same and have very expensive lifestyles. Michael stands up to the challenge, and at the same time, he tries to be a model father for his teenage son, George Michael.

A Clever Sense of Humor that Not Everyone Understood

The format is that of a mockumentary, but only in certain aspects of such a format. Arrested Development mostly plays like a regular sitcom, in which a film crew is recording the lives of the weirdest family that ever existed.

Comedy talents are nothing short of impressive in the show, and it often included cameos by film stars. It’s highly rewatchable because the comedy’s fresh and original enough to make for a comfort comedy show that you occasionally revisit because of the jokes. This one has plenty. Stream on Netflix.

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17 In Treatment (2008-2021)

In Treatment, based on an Israeli drama show, was created by Rodrigo García for HBO, and it follows the life of a psychotherapist by the name of Paul Weston, played flawlessly by Gabriel Byrne. Weston’s line of work consists of sessions with patients that make him question his life and his own sanity. Eventually, he seeks the help of his mentor, with whom he had an argument, causing them to part ways.

One of HBO’s Underrated Dramas

The show would eventually give Byrne a Golden Globe Award in 2009, but that’s about all people remember about it. What makes the show one of HBO’s underrated and noteworthy dramas is that with it, you always felt within the confines of drama based on logic and not something as fictional as other peers.

In Treatment followed through on just about every situation and didn’t leave any loose ends. This makes it a great show to revisit all over again occasionally, as you’ll probably discover new things about it with every rewatch. Stream on Max.

16 24 (2001-2014)

24 took viewers to modern-day America and the constant threat of terrorism by just about every nation on the planet. Jack Bauer, a counter-terrorist agent and often head of the CTU office in Los Angeles, was the relentless lead of the show that always managed to save the world in literally one day. The show took place in real-time, and every season consisted of 24 episodes, meaning everything took place on the same day. Yeah, at the time, no one believed it could be done either.

The Perfect White Knuckle Action Thriller

Oh, but it worked. Massively. 24 was Fox’s signature action show for more than nine seasons, and Kiefer Sutherland’s interpretation of Bauer became iconic in the world of action TV. What feels like an easy gimmick actually works in favor of the premise because it adds endless tension to any trouble Bauer gets into.

It’s rewatchable because seasons are designed to include as many cliffhangers as possible in every single one of their 24 episodes. In case it gets revived, the question is simple: will they go for the real-time format? Hard to know. Stream on Hulu.

15 Firefly (2002)



Release Date
September 20, 2002


In Firefly, humans are now living in outer space in a whole new solar system. There’s no Earth, but Earths, that humans have now colonized. Aboard the Firefly-class spaceship known as the Serenity, Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds and Corporal Zoe Alleyne are in rogue mode, and running away from the authorities that have tried to catch them. 14 episodes of absolute sci-fi drama bliss with a story that was later extended into a movie and comic books.

The Definition of the Space Western Genre

Created by Joss Whedon in 2002, Firefly was a single-season science fiction show with an incalculable effect on modern television. Its story was interesting enough to feed its entire run, but it was the world designed by Whedon which hooked everyone. The characters were interesting, and not disposable as it often happened in genre TV.

The war element wasn’t invasive, so it wasn’t excessively dramatic. It was simply fun and entertaining; it had a great reception by critics and audiences who recognized something innovative in the “space opera turned Western” show. Stream on Hulu.

14 Friday Night Lights (2006-2011)

Friday Night Lights follows the story of a high school football coach in Dillon, Texas, who tries to deal with the drama that ensues after his star quarterback gets injured. Coach Taylor will try his best to lead the team, but not everyone in Dillon believes in them. As the show progresses, Taylor migrates to other teams, but with that, other issues are brought to light. Themes like family issues, drug use, and racism are what make Friday Night Lights a very interesting television drama that still feels underseen.

A TV Follow-Up That Worked

After the success of the film Friday Night Lights, director Peter Berg felt that the book on which the film and the show were based, Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream, had more in its core. This led him to produce the TV adaptation of the book, but this time he went for a full exploration and portrayal of American values in modern-day Texas. Coach Taylor’s journey is uplifting but also pretty realistic.

When it comes to sports dramas on TV, there’s nothing better than this one. After season one, it’s impossible to stop, and a rewatch is inevitable. Stream on Prime Video.

13 The Wire (2002-2008)

The Wire poster

The Wire

Release Date
June 2, 2002


David Simon

The Wire takes viewers to Baltimore, Maryland, where the police department is trying to establish order as usual. Unfortunately, organized crime proves to be too powerful, often messing with the dynamics of law enforcement and the agents who survive the daily ordeal of fighting criminals. However, The Wire is far from being an action-ridden vehicle with familiar actors. This is pure drama led by carefully directed performers who had one word in mind when shaping their characters: realism. It’s, without question, one of the best TV shows ever made.

A Crime Drama in the Style of HBO

Perhaps five seasons (60 episodes in total) sounds like too much for a rewatch. But the reality is that this is HBO at its best. The performances, the direction, and the writing. It’s simply top-tier TV in one of the most popular genres of all: crime drama.

It’s complex enough to drift away from the formula of procedurals that had just one situation to solve per episode, but once you connect with one of its storylines or characters, you will find yourself in the middle of a blunt statement about a part of America that’s often incorrectly displayed in the media. Stream on Max.

12 The Sopranos (1999-2007)

The Sopranos poster

The Sopranos

Release Date
January 10, 1999



The Sopranos tells the story of Tony Soprano and his family. Soprano is a New Jersey mobster with all the traits of the leader of an Italian-American mafia organization in modern times. Unfortunately, one day he’s forced to seek the help of a therapist as he begins suffering from anxiety. That, along with the pressure from his family and the constant threat from his enemies, makes Tony explode at some point, but luckily his partners will be there to keep him sane.

Another HBO Crime Drama That’s Part of History

Yes, we know. Technically, it belongs in the ’90s, but considering how big the jump was in season two, we’d rather categorize it as a rewatchable gem from the 2000s. There aren’t many TV shows about the mafia, but The Sopranos is enough.

Brilliantly written and starring relatively unknown actors at the time, the show went on to become a staple of HBO’s drama catalog, and today it’s regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time. It’s rewatchable because it has a human warmth that’s hard to find in crime shows. With The Sopranos, you feel like you’re home. Stream on Max.

11 The O.C. (2003-2007)

The O.C.

The O.C.

Release Date
August 5, 2003


The O.C. tells the story of Ryan Atwood, a troubled slacker who gets the opportunity of a lifetime. He has nowhere to go, and a wealthy law professor decides to adopt him. This is how Ryan heads over to Newport Beach and faces the posh lifestyle of a society that he used to steal from. The culture shock is almost overwhelming, but Ryan finds support in his adoptive brother and a girl he connects with very quickly.

One of the Few Compelling Teen Dramas on Modern Television

Lasting four seasons and a grand total of 92 episodes, The O.C. was the epitome of the Californian lifestyle in the 2000s. Sure, Ryan had what we all wanted overnight, but this doesn’t mean there wasn’t some drama added to the equation. Themes of materialism, social class, and mental health are only a few of the ones tackled in the Fox series with great characters.

It’s rewatchable because it’s written in a light tone that doesn’t require much from the viewer in terms of engagement. You will have fun, cry, and laugh, and you won’t even know how it all happened in a single episode. Stream on Max.

10 House (2004-2012)



Release Date
November 16, 2004



In House, patients who dared step inside Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey were lucky enough to have a team of geniuses working for them. However, Dr. House wasn’t the traditional and caring doctor that you would think of. Leading a team of specialists, the diagnostician made sure to nail strange illnesses (and sometimes a mix of them) and started treating them at the episode’s dramatic peak. House, an addict who faced horrific levels of pain on a daily basis, heavily affected his team and partners, adding more dramatic depth to the already interesting show.

The Prime Example of a Medical Drama Done Right

For eight seasons, global audiences were treated to a very different style of medical treatment. House’s attitude in every single episode was obnoxious enough to draw audiences away from the show, but strangely, he had a magnetism that brought audiences back every time. At some point, it was the most-watched TV show around the world.

Without a doubt, House is the best medical series of all time because it keeps things interesting with character renewal, more drama than necessary, and a storytelling structure that still makes it the perfect comfort show you can rewatch every once in a while, even if you don’t follow the chronological order. Stream on Prime Video.

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9 Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are a mother and daughter living in Hartford, Connecticut. Together, they face whatever differences they have with each other, as each of them carries enough ambition to drive the entire show. It’s easy to watch, friendly for every audience member, and yet it manages to stay interesting as Lorelai and Rory navigate the past of their family and how it affects their modern lives. This is the best show, but not many people try to watch it because they’re afraid it might be dumb. Clue: It’s anything but dumb.

Cleverly Written Drama for All Ages

The show’s pretty rewatchable, although it has some “must-rewatch” episodes that also feel like they carry the show’s signature and spirit. What many took as an unrealistic version of a mother-daughter relationship was actually a risky but engaging version of cross-generation chemistry. It’s what drove people back to it after multiple seasons of sheer drama and humor, perfectly combined in a very well-written drama series that calls for a comfort TV rewatch. Stream on Netflix.

8 Lost (2004-2010)



Release Date
September 22, 2004



In Lost, the passengers of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, going from Sydney to Los Angeles, wake up to a total disaster in the middle of nowhere. Some are dead, some barely have a scratch, and some are able to walk after being paralyzed. What starts as a coincidence turns into a miracle as the island they’re stuck on begins showing mysterious signs of a higher power that decided they were supposed to crash. When it comes to mystery shows, this is right up your alley.

Each Episode Had the Magnitude of an Important Event

Filled with the right number of twists and turns, Lost was the show to watch in 2004 when it premiered. Its impact on pop culture was massive, as everyone was hooked by the storyline, which was about something other than survivors stranded on an island. It was about the flashbacks, the drama, the miracles, and the horror of facing something other than total abandonment.

It was so well-written that it ended up being extremely divisive among fans, who either hated or loved the ending. Its mythology is interesting enough to jump on the wagon every once in a while and experience the wonderful world of Lost. Stream on Hulu.

7 Nip/Tuck (2003-2010)



Release Date
July 22, 2003


Nip/Tuck tells the story of two plastic surgeons and best friends who work in a plastic surgery center in Miami, where they will find a way to help every kind of patient seeking a consult. Sean McNamara and Christian Troy are completely opposite to each other, but as the series showed, their personal lives were way too mixed with their line of work. Eventually, their friendship would be the only pillar still standing after the downfall.

A Genre Mashup Like No Other

Created by Ryan Murphy in one of his earlier efforts at controversy, Nip/Tuck showed the ugly side of beauty by humanizing the geniuses behind controversial practices like practice surgery. However, the stories simply got more interesting in each season, and by the ending, the show wasn’t just an excuse to show Julian McMahon’s butt. It was a thorough character study about a friendship surviving all sorts of disasters.

It was drama, horror, thriller, and comedy blended into six seasons of a dynamic narrative that goes great in a rewatch binge. You can stream Nip/Tuck on Hulu.

6 The Shield (2002-2008)

the shield

The Shield

Release Date
March 12, 2002



The Shield takes viewers to the streets of Los Angeles, where Detective Vic Mackey is king. His posse is the Strike Team, and they’re the law enforcement agents you don’t want to mess with. Using anything but traditional methods, Mackey leads his team in reducing crime, but it all comes at a cost, given how Mackey also uses criminal methods to achieve their goals. The head of the division suspects Mackey’s up to something, but given the good numbers, he can’t do anything but nod at the victories of the LAPD.

To Protect and to Serve. Sort of

With a set of compelling characters, both main and secondary, the show manages to leave a dent in TV history with a simple narrative that was never changed. All the show follows Mackey’s direction in accomplishing justice under his terms, and audiences truly connected with this.

It’s no wonder it won several awards in 2002, including a Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Drama. Michael Chiklis won Best Lead Actor in a Drama at the Emmys and Golden Globes. It goes great against The Wire in a police procedural rewatch. Stream on Hulu.

5 Six Feet Under (2001-2005)

Six Feet Under is the story of the Fisher family, who specialize in burial and funeral services. After Nathaniel Fisher Sr. dies, the funeral home is passed to his sons, Nate and David. Now they must lead the family business alongside their mother and sister, Ruth and Claire, respectively. But when the renewed version of the Fishers stares death straight in the face and must remodel their views of it as a business, the family falls into a ditch of dark humor and satire that will leave you scratching your head constantly.

The Most Underrated HBO Series

And one of the best ones. Six Feet Under is a fascinating drama journey that shows a collapsing family whose only projection is to use grief and death as the only way to cope and make something out of the tragedy of their dark and often misunderstood lifestyles. In retrospect, not many would deem it a rewatchable and joyful show, but when it comes to worthy dramas that didn’t run for more than 10 seasons (this one had five), Six Feet Under is undoubtedly your best option. Just pick a sunny day to watch it. Stream on Max.

4 The Office (2005-2013)


The Office (U.S.)

Release Date
March 24, 2005


Greg Daniels

In The Office, the employees of Dundler Mifflin Paper Company spend their boring and mundane lives stuck inside their office in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Their leader, the dumb and heartwarming doofus Michael Scott, leads them through a series of situations that will make you grab your contact list and see who in Dundler Mifflin resembles people who work with you. Shot in mockumentary style, The Office features the usual style of talking heads introducing whatever Jim, Michael, or Dwight will do that day.

The Power and Agency of a Good Sitcom

The Office is rewatchable in every sense, but fans have their favorite episodes. It’s often hilarious, but the show also has notes of romance and drama that will make you reflect constantly, just the way a good sitcom should.

If you’re still wondering about it being rewatchable, think of every major holiday in America, and during any of those, you will find a marathon of The Office playing on a cable channel. Will people get sick of it? Probably not. You can stream The Office on Peacock Premium.

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3 Fringe (2008-2013)



Release Date
September 9, 2008


In Fringe, the members of an FBI division called the Fringe Division are in charge of investigating wild events that question reality. The members of the team are Olivia, Peter, and Walter, and each plays their own role in a series of investigations where traditional science doesn’t apply. Walter, the genius scientist, often resorts to fringe methods of science to try to solve the mysteries, but it usually follows the same path: there are other worlds beside these.

It Was the Follow-Up No One Asked for

The show was created by J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci in 2008, and it often addressed themes that had been explored in shows like The Twilight Zone and The X-Files. However, its proximity to Lost (and Abrams’ participation) made people believe it would be the same show.

Instead, Fringe went on its own route, often treating a specific mystery in one episode instead of being a serialized extension of a single story. In terms of modern horror sci-fi shows, Fringe is the one that’s better produced than any other, and its stories are engaging enough to provide a fun rewatch. Stream on Max.

2 Battlestar Galactica (2003-2009)

Battlestar Galactica takes place as humans become survivors of a deadly attack. The Cylons have launched an attack on the colonies located in the far corners of space, and now only a handful of humans are still alive. The Battlestar Galactica is the military spaceship that managed to survive, and it holds the hope of those who are being hunted by the robots. They will lead everyone to a colony that’s located beyond the frontier they know: planet Earth.

Exclusive for Science Fiction Fundamentalists

A reimagining of the franchise that started with the film released in 1978 (the one that attempted to compete against Star Wars), Battlestar Galactica is a noteworthy addition to the universe of sci-fi TV that strictly follows the rules of the genre and doesn’t go for much that’s not turn-off-your-brain entertainment.

Nevertheless, what started as a miniseries was then expanded because of the appraisal by audiences who saw more than just a humans vs. robots epic. It’s rewatchable because it doesn’t have a complicated plot, and the characters are anything but dumb, and both of these things seem to be a staple of poor-quality sci-fi TV. You can rent Battlestar Galactica on Prime Video.

1 Prison Break (2005-2017)

Prison Break

Prison Break

Release Date
August 29, 2005



In Prison Break, Michael Scofield does the impossible for his brother, Lincoln Burrows. Burrows has been convicted of murder and now faces the death penalty in Fox River State Penitentiary. Scofield devises a plan to get himself inside the prison and help Burrows escape to prove he’s innocent. How does Michael plan to do this? By using his high intelligence. The problem is that contrary to what he thought at first, there are some inconveniences inside the prison that will make their plans crumble.

Is “too Many Cliffhangers” a Thing?

Prison Break was a groundbreaking and exciting show to watch back in 2005, when a string of series flooded all channels, and you actually had to pick one to watch. Scofield’s master plan was a delight that bent the rules of physics and logic, but audiences looked the other way as everything helped the show progress in the correct direction.

Eventually, the siblings and other inmates who joined the party end up in much worse situations. It will probably get a revival at some point, but in the meantime, the original version of Prison Break is the perfect action thriller to rewatch. The best thing about it? The first two seasons go by in a flash, as every episode ends on a cliffhanger, and you won’t stop watching.

Let’s stay in the spirit of the 2000s, and check out a video of the best movies of the 2000s:

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