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20 Best and Funniest Horror Comedy TV Shows

20 Best and Funniest Horror Comedy TV Shows

In the real world, fear and laughter tend to be mutually exclusive. When a person is scared, they’ll hardly find anything to be funny. However, on-screen, fun and mayhem can easily co-habit. This is all thanks to the structure of the fast-evolving horror-comedy genre. This marvelous amalgamation of frightening and comical moments (or dialogue) has mesmerized viewers on both the big screen and the small screen. However, it’s in the latter where the biggest supply of tasty offerings has been served.



Ideally, a good horror-comedy hybrid ought to be funnier than scary, making it palatable to both hardcore genre fans and casual viewers. No matter how many evil things happen, everyone is constantly reminded that they shouldn’t take any of it too seriously.

So far, a few TV shows have delivered the scares (and mainly the laughs), much better than others. While showcasing the brutality of humankind and the spirit world, they have also packed in many jokes and slapstick moments, making them worthy of any viewer’s time.

20 What We Do in the Shadows (2019-Present)

What We Do in the Shadows’ main characters are three Victorian-era vampires and an energy vampire. They are way out of their comfort zone and are now living in a Staten Island apartment, instead of an old mansion with creaky doors. Despite being away from their natural habitats, they try to make things work. They not only have to deal with the challenges of living in a city, but also with their stubborn ‘familiar,’ who harbors dreams of becoming a vampire like his masters.

Vampires With Human Problems

Critics and fans have constantly praised What We Do in the Shadows, and so have members of the Television Academy, who have nominated it for a whopping 21 Emmys so far. The show’s mockumentary format, coupled with the presence of well-developed characters, has made it a tour de force.

The vampires are humanized, making them easy to relate to. For example, the 760-year-old Nando the Relentless won’t stop talking about the 1992 U.S. Olympics basketball team while the 310-year-old Leslie “Laszlo” Cravensworth is a pansexual, who is always worried about his next coitus session. The show thus feels like Friends, only that these characters aren’t to be trusted. Stream it on Hulu.

19 Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002)

A dog named Courage would be expected to bark at everything, but Courage the Cowardly Dog’s titular character is anything but brave. He keeps shaking like a fever patient, but it’s understandable, given that he constantly encounters zombies, ghosts, and aliens. On the show, Courage lives with an elderly couple on a farmhouse near the fictional town of Nowhere, and it doesn’t help that the husband also keeps playing pranks on him.

Endless Creative Plots

Courage the Cowardly Dog’s scariest moments are dense enough to frighten even adults, but the show uses clever and funny plots to prevent viewers from walking away. There are ancient ghosts and cannibal pigs, but it’s hard not to laugh when Courage’s teeth fall off or when fungus infiltrates Grandpa Eustace’s foot.

The latter moment is especially memorable, as it involves each toe talking and behaving like a mobster. Big Toe is shown to be the Capo of the mobster toe group, and it terrorizes the mean old man until he vows to be a better person. Stream it on Max.

18 Stan Against Evil (2017-2019)

In Stan Against Evil, the residents of a tiny New Hampshire town have a ghost quagmire to deal with, and their problems can be traced back to the 1700s. During that century, witches were persecuted and burned at the same site where the town would later be built. The spirits of the witches have now returned to get their revenge. Thankfully, former sheriff Stanley Miller (John C. McGinley) offers to come out of retirement to help.

Ghosts Get a Verbal Whopping

The killing of the ghosts is hardly the best thing about the show. It’s the mockery that Stan unleashes on them that makes everything fun. “What the hell happened to you? You used to be pretty, and now you look like the business end of a baboon’s behind,” he once utters. Fans will also appreciate how Stan Vs Evil is keen on statistics.

At the start of the series, it’s revealed that there are 172 revenge-seeking demons to be dealt with, so the counting begins. Much credit also goes to John C. McGinle, whose facial expressions alone give viewers a reason to laugh. Stream it on Prime Video.

17 Scream Queens (2016-2017)

Scream Queens builds an entire premise out of the ‘screen queens’ horror trope, and the end product is laudable. The show revolves around members of a sorority group at a university as they fend off attacks from a serial killer dressed as the school’s Red Devil mascot. The second season follows the sorority leader Cathy (Emma Roberts) as she runs a hospital business.

Dumb Is Fun

The show never takes itself too seriously. Most characters are one-dimensional and highly prone to poor decision-making. They go left when they should go right, and they keep blaming others for their mistakes.

Furthermore, the series packs in several slasher movie clichés while lampooning some of the silliest horror movies ever made. Unfortunately, things never get better for the victims because they are surrounded by dismissive parents and carefree burger-loving law-enforcement officers. Stream it on Hulu.

16 Santa Clarita Diet (2017-2019)

Married people face many challenges, but none can be more puzzling than watching a spouse mutate into a zombie. Such is the headache that Santa Clarita real estate agent, Joel (Timothy Olyphant), has to deal with after his wife Sheila (Drew Barrymore) starts craving human flesh. As he seeks a cure, he and his daughter, Abby, do their best to ensure Sheila doesn’t do anything stupid.

Family and Morality

Santa Clarita Diet still gets talked about as one of the best canceled Netflix shows, and it’s a shame it didn’t go past two seasons, given how creatively it handles the zombie concept. Instead of just having many creatures staggering while chasing people around, there is just one main undead character here, and her audacity is something to behold.

At the end of the pilot episode, Joel finds her eating her coworker and as he watches in horror, she looks at him lovingly and claims she is “ready to make this work.” She even makes smoothies from dead bodies. Through Sheila, the theme of morality is also addressed. To satisfy her appetite for human flesh, she chooses only kills evil people. Stream it on Netflix.

15 Crazyhead (2016)


Crazyhead (2016)

Release Date
October 19, 2016

Cara Theobold , Susan Wokoma , Lewis Reeves , Tony Curran , Arinzé Kene


Urban Myth Films

Crazyhead has two likable leads. Cara Theobold (known for her role as Ivy in Downton Abbey) plays Amy, a disgruntled bowling alley attendant who sees murderous demons that no one else seems to spot, so she is immediately labeled ‘crazy.’ Luckily, she soon meets the introverted, Raquel (Susan Wokoma), who can also see ghosts, so the two join forces and try to end the menace.

Unconventional Demon-Hunting Techniques

The horror-comedy has enough jump scares to trigger applause from hardcore genre fans, yet it’s the hilarious unconventional hunting techniques that stand out. Few people would think of knocking out a demon using a rolling pin, yet the protagonists here make such a choice quickly.

And that’s hardly the most shocking scene. Amy tops it by relieving herself on another demon’s face. Whenever the two aren’t working, the show goes into slow-burn mode as it explores the highs and lows of female friendships, as well as the challenges of growing into an adult. Stream it on Netflix.

14 Ash Vs Evil Dead (2015-2018)

Ash Vs Evil Dead falls under the same taxonomy of shows, though this particular project is widely thought of as the superior offering. An offshoot of Sam Raimi’s Ash Vs Evil Dead trilogy, the show follows the titular character Asha Williams (Bruce Campbell) as he adjusts to his new life after returning from the 1300s. He is currently living in a trailer, hoping to have a peaceful life, but he soon has to face his past.

Great Performances, Great Sidekicks, and a Study of Human Vices

The franchise has had its highs and lows, but one thing that has remained constant is Bruce Campbell’s great performances. Once again, the actor takes total control of his character. And he doesn’t shine alone. His character, Ash, is aided by two sidekicks, who see different sides of him. One considers him a loser and the other worships him.

The constant mix of praise and criticism thus makes him a better man. Through him, the topics of PTSD and alcoholism are also examined. Whether this is one of the TV shows better than the movies they are based on, is up for debate. But if isn’t better, it’s definitely on the same level. Stream it on Prime Video.

13 Goosebumps (2023)



Release Date
October 13, 2023


Rob Letterman, Nicholas Stoller

Based on R. L. Stine’s popular book series, Goosebumps follows a group of high schoolers as they investigate the death of a teen who died three decades earlier. Along the way, they also make dark discoveries about their parents. It’s the second television adaptation of the books, following the ‘90s show of the same, but uses an anthology format rather than an episodic one like its predecessor.

Great Dialogue and Usual Genre Delights

An effort is made to sprinkle in a joke every few minutes. This helps dilute the dark atmosphere. A couple of scenes might be considered too dark, but the frightening aspects are all things that viewers are familiar with, hence they are easy to digest. Overall, the show doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. It sticks to the basics, an approach that enables him to remain entertaining over long stretches of time. Stream it Disney+.

12 The Munsters (1964-1966)

Most portrayals of Frankenstein’s monster follow the same format. The scientist, Victor Frankenstein, does his magic, and the monster goes on a rampage. However, The Munsters handles things differently. Here, the monster (named Herman) is a family man, and he is married to a vampire named Lilly. Viewers are thus treated to the same kinds of stories they would get from shows like The Jeffersons or Everybody Hates Chris… but with a few eerie moments.

Marriage Works in the Monster World

Most of the show’s episodes are meant to satirize America’s family life. There are several quips and pop culture references, plus fun and familiar drop-in characters like Dracula. Most importantly, the show gives a picture of what a perfect family ought to look like. Lily and Herman are said to have been married for over 100 years.

In addition to that, they are among the first TV characters to share a bed on the screen. Besides that, there is an air of relatability. The Munsters are working-class immigrants (Grandpa moved to America from Transylvania), so they are trying to make it like everyone else. Stream on Peacock Premium.

11 iZombie (2015-2019)



Release Date
March 17, 2015

Rose McIver , David Anders , Robert Buckley , Malcolm Goodwin , Alyson Michalka


Zombies can be useful, and iZombie proves it. This time, the main character Liv (Rose Mclver) is a distinguished member of the undead, and she enjoys feeding on the brains of the recently deceased. However, hers isn’t just a nutrition and nourishment story. Once she has eaten the brains, she can access the memories that were once stored in them. Consequently, she is now very good at solving murders.

Unfiltered Downloads

Ordinary investigations can get boring if the show isn’t a procedural, so iZombie wastes no time in aiming for the fun and funny. The humor mainly stems from the major technicality in Liv’s powers.

Once she eats someone’s brain, she also gets their skills and habits. There are, therefore, moments when she hilariously speaks a foreign language that she didn’t know before, or engages in weird hobbies like imitating animal sounds or watching a dog fart. Stream it on Netflix.

10 Ghosts (2019)



Release Date
October 7, 2021

Rose McIver , Utkarsh Ambudkar , Richie Moriarty , Brandon Scott Jones , Danielle Pinnock


In Ghosts, Alison (Charlotte Richie) inherits an old mansion from a distant relative and moves in with her husband. Unknown to them, the house is haunted by ghosts of people from different generations who died on the property. Soon, she accidentally falls from a window and ends up in a coma. After waking up, she realizes she can see the ghosts, but rather than find ways to chase them away, she devises proper cohabiting measures.

Peaceful Coexistence

The show benefits from the endless banter and shade that Alison trades with the ghosts. The fact that her husband cannot see them makes it even better. Some of the ghosts are shown to be disgruntled and constantly complain about not being stuck in the mansion and not being “sucked off” into the afterlife, unaware, that the phrase is a sexual innuendo nowadays. Even funnier is the history of the ghosts.

Each is reported to have died a horrible death, so there is one roaming around with an arrow on its neck and another who can manipulate electricity because he died after being struck by lightning. Buy or rent it on Apple TV+.

9 Chucky (2021-Present)



Release Date
October 12, 2021


SYFY, David Kirschner Productions, Eat the Cat

Chucky is the eighth installment of one of the most popular horror franchisesChild’s Play. Events begin three weeks after those of Cult of Chucky and revolve around the 14-year-old Jake Wheeler, who becomes a suspect in a series of crimes after buying a Good Guy doll at a discount yard sale. Within a short period of time, he discovers that his new prized possession is controlled by the soul of infamous serial killer Charles Lee Ray, aka Chucky.

Something for Everyone

As expected, Chucky doesn’t just favor one side of the viewership base. A few old fan-favorite characters return, but there are also plenty of exciting new characters.

The traditional brutal kills are maintained too, whether it’s electrocutions or stabbings using hundreds of needle jabs, there is no mercy. Furthermore, the characterization is slightly better. Jake is revealed to be struggling with his sexuality, something that enables him to bond with Chucky, since the serial killer had a queer son. Stream it on Peacock or AMC+.

8 Shining Vale (2022-2023)

A family’s reputation matters a lot, so when erotic fiction author Pat (Courteney Cox) has an affair with a handyman, and it becomes public knowledge in Brooklyn, she, her husband, and her children are forced to move to suburban Connecticut. Her daughter protests the move, but her son doesn’t seem to mind. After all, he can play video games from anywhere in the world. Though the new home initially appears perfect, ‘ghost trouble’ soon emerges.

Blurry Lines Between the Real and the Imagined

Shining Vale impresses by keeping things ambiguous. In the opening statement, viewers are told that women are more likely to be depressed than men and that they are also more likely to see ghosts. It’s also stated that each of these conditions has the same symptoms.

The show thus refrains from outrightly revealing whether Pat has a mental problem or whether she is seeing a ghost. Still, the comedy ingredient reigns supreme, and the characters hardly take anything seriously. In one scene, Pat explains to her husband that when she said she cheated once, she meant it was a one-time event that stretched across several days. His reaction? “An event? What, like a Toyota-thon?” Buy it on Amazon, Vudu, or Google Play.

7 The Addams Family (1964-1966)

The Addams Family’s central characters are the wealthy Gomez Addams, his wife, Morticia, their son Pugsley, their daughter Wednesday, Grandmama, and Uncle Fester, and Grandmama. They all reside in an old, gloomy mansion at 0001 Cemetery Lane and are shown to have macabre interests. The family’s servants are a tall butler named Lurch, and Thing, a being that exists only in the form of a hand.

Visitors Freak Out

The show’s humor mainly stems from the Addams’ failure to understand humans. They try to be hospitable to all visitors, but everyone who visits normally freaks out and vows to never come back. Despite the obvious trend, the Addamses just cannot understand why this keeps happening. The majority of the guests tend to express dismay or terror, especially when they see the weird interior of Thing. Accordingly, they are overly suspicious of normal human behavior. Buy it on Amazon, Vudu, or Google Play.

6 Beetlejuice (1989-1991)



Release Date
September 9, 1989

Stephen Ouimette , Alyson Court , Tabitha St. Germain , Elizabeth Hanna , Roger Dunn


The success of the Beetlejuice movie prompted Tim Burton to quickly make an animated spinoff, which turned out to be just as good as the parent. This time, the focus is on goth girl Lydia Deetz (Alyson Court) and her undead buddy Beetlejuice (Stephen Oumlette) as they go on adventures in the ghoulish realm of Neitherworld, There, they encounter ghosts, monsters, ghouls, zombies, and goblins.

A Worthy Spinoff of a Great Movie

Back in 1990, Beetlejuice won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, and its humor was a major reason why. Combining offbeat and slapstick moments, the animated series is a laugh-fest.

The movie might not have been a bit too dark, but this particular project is the kind to appeal to both adults and children. Additionally, there is a great emphasis on wordplay and pop culture references. Because of this, even the most bizarre scenes feel connected to the real world. Buy it on Amazon, Vudu, or Google Play.

5 Wreck (2022)



Release Date
March 1, 2023

Jodie Tyack , Oscar Kennedy , Louis Boyer , Thaddea Graham , Warren James Dunning , Amber Grappy , Harriet Webb , James Phoon


Main Genre

Wreck has a killer in a yellow duck mask, and his appearance alone is enough to hook viewers. The setup is also wonderful. The killer is shown chasing a woman across a cruise ship, but before he can attack her, she mocks him, shouts “You can’t have me,” and then throws herself into the ocean. Her brother, Jamie, refuses to accept the suicide report, so he infiltrates the cruise ship’s staff and begins investigating her murder. Unknown to him, he is only getting himself in trouble that he could have easily avoided.

A Mash-Up of Jump Scares and One-Liners

Everyone who streams Wreck will enjoy how the show alternates between jump scares and one-liners. There is rarely adequate time to feel sorry for a victim, since someone says something funny soon afterward. The villain is creative too, not only because of his costume, but also because of his timing.

Most importantly, the whodunit element is pumped up to high degrees. Everyone seems like a suspect, and the series is never in a rush to rule out people to make the list of potential killers smaller. Stream it on Hulu.

4 Holliston (2012-2013)



Release Date
April 3, 2012


Holliston stars Adam Green as “Adam” and producer Joe Lynch as “Joe.”, The two college graduates dream of becoming big-time horror movie directors, and are keen to ensure that they won’t have to settle for a job that will forever remind them of how massively they failed in life. Meanwhile, they can pay the bills comfortably since they both work at a local TV station. As they chase their dreams, they struggle to deal with their love interests and their rock-obsessed boss.

Multiple Pop Culture References

No horror comedy project packs in more references to other films than Holliston. The series glows by satirizing the genre and even suggesting fresh ways to erase tropes. Each scene or conversation has a slight dig at horror culture, and none of it ever feels forced because the central characters happen to know plenty about the subject.

Overall, there are little to no spooky moments, but the endless humor adequately covers up for the weak attempts at creating a sense of unease, Buy it on Apple TV+ or Amazon.

3 Wednesday (2022-Present)



Release Date
November 23, 2022


When a reboot of The Addams Family was announced, few would have predicted that it would go on to be one of Netflix’s hits. After all, the last project in this franchise came in 1998 and it wasn’t exactly a success. Thankfully, fans warmed up to Wednesday, which prioritizes the adventures of Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) instead of Gomez Addams.

The show starts when Wednesday gets expelled from school for dumping piranhas in the pool to punish bullies. Her parents then enroll her in a school for monster outcasts, where she engages in more mischief.

Another Tim Burton Masterpiece

Tim Burton serves as the director for several episodes of Wednesday, hence it isn’t surprising that the quality is so high. Jenna Ortega also does a great job of channeling her character’s joys and frustrations. So impressive is her dedication that she received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Besides that, few shows get to have a major cultural impact, so the Netflix hit can be lauded for that. Wednesday’s dance from the show prompted many fan recreations as well as participation from celebrities, hence boosting the project’s popularity even further. Stream it on Netflix.

2 The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (2001-2007)

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy follows the slow-witted and insouciant Billy, and the unapologetic Mandy. The two are awarded the Grim Reaper as their eternal best friend after cheating their way to victory in a limbo game meant to save Billy’s hamster. Reaper, would rather not deal with the children, but he is forced to hang around them. Soon, their friendship blossoms, and his access to special abilities comes in handy.

A Seesaw of Dark and Light Moments

Whether it’s the introduction of a sluggish Dracula or the emphasis on Reaper’s Jamaican accent, the show has enough unique chucklesome aspects to set it above its peers. However, things can get pretty dark too, especially when Reaper and the children tour other realism.

Still, this is a Cartoon Network project, hence the showrunner never pushed the boundaries too far when it came to the horror side of the divide. Thanks to its brilliance, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy won two Emmys for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation. Stream it on Max.

1 Tales from the Crypt (1989-1996)

Based on the similarly titled ‘50s EC Comics, Tales from the Crypt tells standalone stories driven by karma and poetic justice. Each episode is hosted by an animated corpse known as the Cryptkeeper, and before the tale begins, he delivers a dose of ghoulish humor. This approach differs from the comics, where the Cryptkeeper is shown to be a live human being. However, most of the plots remain faithful to the source material.

A Buffet of Morality Tales

Tales from the Crypt’s format allows it to explore all horror subgenres, making it ideal for anyone who needs a quick fix. Whether it’s supernatural tales or murder mysteries, the show covers them all. The episodes are further boosted by the numerous celebrity cameos.

Some of the surprise appearances include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Pesci, Demi Moore, Benicio del Toro, and Timothy Dalton. Additionally, the quality keeps improving as the show progresses, which explains why there were more episode orders for future seasons. Buy it on Amazon.

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