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15 Best Obscure Comedy Series You’ve Probably Never Seen

15 Best Obscure Comedy Series You've Probably Never Seen

One of the best experiences to come from falling in love with a particular genre is exploring the vast catalog and coming across shows previously overlooked, communicating with like-minded fans, and forming a close-knit hub of affirmation. Series like Freaks & Geeks enjoy a newfound admiration from younger generations, alongside longtime support from a small, loyal fan base.



While there have been many successful comedy series and their respective stories behind their meteoric rise, there are a plethora of comedies that have thrived in niche communities, despite receiving rave reviews. These comedy series are some of the most beloved on the internet, and there are plenty of reasons why fans recommend these stories with bold confidence.

15 Wrecked (2016-2018)

Wrecked initially appeared as a parody of Lost. However, as the comedy continued, the show carved a legacy of its own. With its own cluster of incoming characters, Wrecked largely focuses on how the survivors of a plane crash use humor, inadvertently or otherwise, to help cope with the tragic circumstances they find themselves in.

A Proudly Familiar Tale from a Different Angle

A combination of admittedly lowbrow yet effective humor with an earnest companionship held between characters, the series manages to hold conversations surrounding darker topics like morality without sacrificing the humor that contributes to each character’s appeal and further strengthens the plot.

Making use of the entirety of its cast and poking fun at the technological gap between generations, Wrecked may not be the most inventive series, but it sure is amusing enough to hook audiences in. Buy on Prime Video.

14 Imposters (2017-2018)

Imposters follows Maddie (Inbar Levi), a con artist who swindles her way into the hearts of her lovers before leaving them high and dry. However, her most recent husband, Ezra (Rob Heaps), embarks on an operation to find her and retrieve all that he has lost. After she comes across a new admirer named Patrick (Stephen Bishop), Maddie’s mission becomes far more difficult for her to complete, even with pressure from her nefarious boss, The Doctor (Ray Proscia).

A Cunning Crime Comedy

While much of the series deals with the consequences of Maddie’s conning, the humorous developments open up a much more thoughtful and nuanced approach as to what those consequences truly look like. The expected, adversarial relationships established in the premise are subverted in exchange for a more compelling story that brings the laughs and the intrigue to an entirely new level. Buy on AppleTV.

13 The End of the F***ing World

The End Of The F***ing World sees two unlikely companions embark on a silly yet dark journey throughout the English countryside. After a disturbed youth named James (Alex Lawther) comes to the conclusion that he is a psychopath, he attempts to test out his theories on Alyssa (Jessica Barden), a classmate of his who he initially perceives as enough of a nuisance to get rid of. However, his plot to murder turns into an oddly sweet adventure between two souls who only grow closer to each other from the moment they meet.

A Brilliantly Bleak Black Comedy

The End Of The F***ng World is a uniquely gratifying tale of a misanthrope’s discovery of love. Watching James and Alyssa run away from their issues, only to be forced to confront them, speaks to the overwhelming feeling of stumbling upon a life-changing epiphany. While adolescence may not be as drastic as depicted here, feelings of ostracization, disillusionment with authority, and a general disdain for the status quo begin in their teen years.

The End of The F***ing World‘s ambition would not go completely unnoticed, with the series earning a Peabody Award in 2018. Stream The End Of The F***king World on Netflix.

12 Shrinking (2023-Present)

Shrinking finds mourning therapist Jimmy Laird opt for unconventional methods for treating his patients. Due to the precarious nature of his experimental treatment, he attempts to keep his shrewd yet effective honesty a secret from his superiors. However, his relationships with his patients and peers like Paul (Harrison Ford) are further complicated by his idealistic process.

A Comical Approach to Healing

Alongside having two accomplished actors, Shrinking also benefits from a talented team of creatives that includes Ted Lasso alum Brett Goldstein. The series’ approaches healing by way of a staunch allegiance to the truth and nothing but the truth, despite the predicaments that may arise. In turn, audiences are treated to truly hilarious scenes that both entertain but also capture the lingering sadness, grief, and frustration that has, for so long, gone unacknowledged by the general population. Stream Shrinking on Apple TV+.



Release Date
January 27, 2023


11 Wellington Paranormal (2018-2022)

Wellington Paranormal is a thrilling paranormal police comedy from New Zealand. Focusing on three police officers and their daily demonic encounters. A spin-off of What We Do in the Shadows, the series retains a similar whimsical approach to unearthing the otherworldly, a quality that loyal fans have come to appreciate about the series.

A Quirky, Charming Delight

Wellington Paranormal not only stands as a great source of entertainment but is largely considered to be a uniquely wholesome series. While the show has a fair share of dramatic storylines, the humor leaves audiences elated, and more so, grateful that a show of its caliber has been able to make viewers smile without being prematurely canceled.

Performances by Mike Minogue, Maaka Pohatu, and Karen O’Leary have been commended for their unique delivery and willingness to explore the fun of being completely ridiculous. Stream on Max.

10 The Other Two (2019-2023)

The Other Two chronicles the meteoric rise of the Dubek family. After their younger brother Chase (Case Walker) goes viral and, essentially, transforms into a teen sensation overnight, Carey (Drew Tarver) and Brooke (Helene Yorke) make the most of their newfound notoriety, or at least they hilariously attempt to varying degrees of success.

Joined by their mother Pat (Molly Shannon), their new manager Scooter (Ken Marino) and Shuli (Wanda Sykes), a label executive, the makeshift team attempt to capitalize off of Chase’s fame while coming to understand what fame can provide for them.

Fame Dissected Through the Lens of Family

The Other Two not only satirizes the trials and tribulations of the modern pop star, but it also acts as a worthwhile exploration of fame. Aside from the cynical approach to documenting fame’s effects on the average person, the series shines a light on the perceived escapism that fame supposedly offers. In turn, the characters put a whole new meaning to fame-hungry, and watching them longing for self-love and acceptance by way of fame is both hilarious and touching. Stream The Other Two on Max.

9 Trial & Error (2017-2018)

Trial & Error sees a small South Carolina town become the setting of an engaging true crime mockumentary. The series follows an amusing defense team and dedicates each season to their investigation of a different tragedy.

Throughout the series, characters like Josh (Nicholas D’Agosto) and Anne (Sherri Shepherd) appear both animated yet authentic during their respective investigations and the mystery comedy never shies away from showcasing the other lively souls that reside within their town, who also contribute to the overall investigations.

Trial & Error excels in its casting choices, greeting audiences with familiar, funny faces like Sherri Sheperd and Kristin Chenoweth. Trusting its cast to gauge how animated their characters are, especially in relation to the mystery at hand, Trial & Error is both jovial and informative in its deconstruction of the viral true crime phenomenon that has remained a staple in traditional media, and now, the internet. Stream on Prime Video.

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8 Colin from Accounts (2022-Present)

While some comedies incorporate darker topics into their plots, Colin From Accounts offers audiences a lighter look into everyday life, focusing on a casual romance that blossoms into something truly aspirational. Ashley (Harriet Dyer) and Gordon (Patrick Brammall) first meet after a devastating car accident, where they both decide to tend to an injured dog named Colin. It does not take them long to open up to each other, opening the series up to be a feel-good rom-com that prioritizes vulnerability and acceptance.

An Adorable Love Story in More Ways Than One

Colin From Accounts is heartfelt in its approach to unveiling the various flaws of their leads as it is in handling their complex, burning passion for one another.

While dogs currently hold the social capital to lure just about anyone into any given medium, Colin is a star in his own right, contributing to the wholesome and amusing appeal of the series with his connection to both Ashley and Gordon. Stream on Paramount+.

7 I’m Sorry (2017-2019)

I’m Sorry sees Andrea Savage as Andrea Warren, a skilled writer who attempts to balance her career and passion for writing with responsibilities that come with tending to her loved ones. Despite reminding audiences of shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Andrea’s story comes with its own uniquely abrasive approach to documenting life, coupled with a band of colorful characters, I’m Sorry will surely leave audiences thoroughly entertained.

An Artfully Brash Tale of an Overwhelmed Comedian

Despite a season three renewal, I’m Sorry was one of the series that was sadly canceled before they could reach a highly anticipated conclusion. In spite of this, the two seasons audiences get to enjoy are nothing short of hilarious.

Contributing to the ever-expanding world of raunchy comedies, I’m Sorry maintains the vulgar humor and relatable plots throughout its short tenure. As a result, the show stands as one of Savage’s most revered performances. Stream on Max.

6 Crazyhead (2016)

Crazyhead sees two young adults form an unlikely connection after a startling encounter with the otherworldly. After coming across a demon during a night out, Amy (Clara Theobold) finds out that her mind is not simply “playing tricks on” her.

With experienced demon hunter Raquel (Susan Wokoma) coming to her rescue, the two strike up a friendship due to their shared struggle with mental health. As the story progresses and their worlds intertwine, the duo becomes privy to a plot stirred by vindictive demons determined to turn their hometown into hell on Earth.

A Sincere, Spectacular Hour of Humor and Horror

Crazyhead carries complex stories about living with mental health, without straying into harmful tropes that romanticize mental illnesses as a secret magical ability. Furthermore, the plot is intriguing, the appeal of the character wholly lies in its characters. The initially standoffish yet sweet Raquel, the perpetually puzzled Amy, and odd yet amusing characters like Jamie (Reeves) all stand as fleshed-out characters with aspirations and subtleties to their seemingly familiar archetypes. Stream Crazyhead on Netflix.


Crazyhead (2016)

Release Date
October 19, 2016

Cara Theobold , Susan Wokoma , Lewis Reeves , Tony Curran , Arinzé Kene


5 Sprung (2022-Present)

Sprung is one of the many Amazon Freevee original series that has amassed a fan base of its own. Opening with Jack (Garret Dillahunt), who’s recent release from prison turns from a burden lifted from his shoulders to another restrictive yet refreshingly amusing experience. After moving in with his former roommate, Rooster (Phillip Garcia), Jack becomes roped into a criminal network run by none other than Rooster’s mother, Barb (Martha Plimpton), inviting him into a world of chaos.

Leaving Hell with Better Intentions

Sprung continues creator Greg Garcia’s trend of highlighting stories of people experiencing poverty and other forms of traumatizing experiences. Despite the bleak nature of the predicament, the newfound family offers a lot of heartfelt scenes for fans to appreciate, while also subverting existing narratives about people deemed criminals and their motivations. Stream on Prime Video.

4 Derry Girls (2018-2022)

Derry Girls invites audiences to Northern Ireland of the 1990s. Both timely and timeless, the series focuses on a group of teenagers living during the Troubles, chronicling their unique friendships, personal growth, and the all-too-familiar fear of the future.

A Timeless Story of Adolescence During Upheaval

During the best of times, the worst, and everything in between, Derry Girls understands the true malleability of humanity. With a nuanced approach to capturing life during the Troubles, the show doesn’t glamorize nor trivialize the contentious period, but instead documents the authentic predicaments and chaos that naturally come with maturation. Stream Derry Girls on Netflix.

Derry Girls

Derry Girls

Release Date
December 21, 2018

Saoirse-Monica Jackson , Louisa Harland , Tara Lynne O’Neill , Kathy Kiera Clarke , Tommy Tiernan


3 Rap Sh!t (2022-2023)

Loosely based on The City Girls, Rap Sh!t stars Aida Osman and Kamillion as burgeoning duo Shawna and Mia, respectively. Chronicling their inception in Miami, the series is both hilarious and poignant in its approach to capturing the plight of up-and-coming female rap stars. Furthermore, the series holds contentious conversations about the various forms of anti-blackness, the complexities of interpersonal relationships, and how both are complicated by social media.

An Honest Yet Humorous Look at the Modern Music Landscape

Despite coming from the creative mind of Issa Rae, and a great word-of-mouth campaign, Rap Sh!t was unfortunately canceled in late 2023. Nevertheless, the series’ sudden conclusion and the 2023 Hollywood labor disputes did not prevent the show from getting its flowers during and after its syndication.

Both seasons earned a-100% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics appreciating the series’ insightful writing, strong comedic performances, and the earnestness embedded in its discussions about identity, music, and navigating professional spaces. Stream Rap Sh!t on Max.

2 Chewing Gum (2015-2017)

Michaela Coel’s Chewing Gum focuses on the awkward yet adventurous Tracey (Coel), who dreams of greater independence. Due to her sheltered background, Tracey hopes to break free from the reins of the confusing phase of early adulthood, exploring as much as she can while inadvertently stumbling into mayhem. Between her budding romance with Connor (Robert Lonsdale) and her close friendship with Candice (Danielle Isaie), Tracey also confronts the nuances, both great and otherwise, about her personal relationships.

A Witty and Wacky Look at Maturity

Chewing Gum and earlier projects serve as the foundation for Coel’s fascinating projects. Combining worthwhile commentary about Black British adolescence, sex, labor, and the importance of preserving important interpersonal relationships with a hilariously surreal sequence of events, Chewing Gum is an unforgettably amazing series. Stream Chewing Gum on Max.

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1 Dead Hot (2024-Present)

Not only is Dead Hot the most recent submission, but it’s also exceptionally entertaining. The series opens with the disappearance of Peter (Olisa Odele) and the bloody aftermath. Five years later, Peter’s boyfriend Elliot (Bilal Hasna) and twin sister Jess (Vivian Oparah) are finally moving on, until a series of mysterious events pull them back, learning much more about their dear Peter while also testing the former two’s close-knit friendship.

The Campiest Modern Murder Mystery Yet

Off the heels of Oparah’s Rye Lane and Hasna’s Sundance surprise Layla, the pair reaffirm their respective trajectories as the most compelling performers with their earnest and amusing portrayals.

Alongside actors like Peter Serafinowicz and Rebecca Murrell, the show revels in its absurd approach to mystery solving while handling close-to-home concepts like grief, complicated interpersonal relationships, and queer relationships. For anyone in search of a well-written mystery with truly laugh-inducing scenes, Dead Hot will do anything but disappoint. Stream Dead Hot on Tubi.

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